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ST Live Event 2015

z IMG_4805WOW!!!

What a great event it was, the Straightness Training Live Event 2015!!

In August 2015 about 70 amazing ST Mastery Students from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, US and the UK brought there good vibes and positive energy to the event!!

We had an amazing time together!!

It were 3 fantastic days of total immersion in Straightness Training and the central theme of the event was:

How to become a Straightness Training Instructor“.

Many ST (Trainee) Instructors from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands came to the event to give several lessons, presentations, workshops and demos with their lovely horses.


Day 1

st-trainee-instructorsWe started day 1 with an introduction to all ST (Trainee) Instructors and we all were very impressed and touched by their impressive speeches and stories in the introduction!

Then we continued with a very nice groundwork session with the Dutch ST Instructor Natalie van der Meide and Grandioso! What a lovely team they are and it was so nice to see the groundwork sequence develop in front of our eyes. Well done Natalie!

st-live-event-2015Next, ST Trainee Instructors Carolin Moldenhauer and Miriam Sherman from Germany did the longeing session with the horses Whoopy and Floh, and it was so great to see a glimps of the advanced longeing! Very nice to see the work with the outside hind leg in the longeing, and it was very valuable to see how to get from basics to more advanced work in a gradual process. Nice work Carolin and Miriam!After the lunch break, the Dutch ST Instructor Kim Steutel did a nice job with Orsini in the Groundwork Touchstones, and we gained a clear idea of the essence and the points to note in all 3 Touchstones. That’s very valuable, because that will set us up for success. Thanks so much Kim!

lucie-klaassenThen the Dutch ST Instructor Lucie Klaassen and Seni guided us very clearly through the Longeing Touchstones, so they knew what to look for and where to pay attention too. Great to see Lucie and Seni doing all exercises in walk and trot, well done Lucie!

At the end of the day all ST Mastery students could Meet & Greet with the ST (Trainee) instructors:

Day 2

11825713_920767931304578_7569114666504761284_nOn day 2 Rebecca Gilbert, ST Instructor Grade 3, kicked off, together with the Dutch ST Instructor Anouk Wienia and Berber, in the session about “Situational Teaching”. Great to see Rebecca in ‘teaching’ action and to see how Rebecca explained the concept very clearly, and to experience a very pleasant and valuable lesson.

situational-teachingAnd It was very interesting and valuable to see this concept on different levels: Anouk using telling/dialogue/hand over with Berber to guide Berber from the stress zone into the comfort zone and towards the ‘learning’ zone, and Rebecca Using telling/dialogue/hand over in her teaching style. Super demo!

Then ST Trainee Instructor Wendy Poore from the UK gave a lesson with the central topic of ‘Sensory Learning’. Wendy challenged the audience the figure out if they were a more ‘visible’ learner, or an ‘auditory’ learner or a more ‘kinestetic’ learner. ST Trainee Instructor Miriam Sherman from Germany gave a very valuable extra dimension to the session, by explaining her sensory preference when it comes to learning. That really made the teaching principle come alive. Well done Wendy and Miriam!
wendy-poore-miriam-sherman miriam-sherman
Next, ST Trainee Instructor Roz Richmond from the UK gave an impressive lecture about the Horse and Human Personality! In a very educational, yet humorous way, she brought the theory into practice, together with Dutch ST Instructor Carola Beekman and her lovely horse Vivaldi. All of us had much fun, while watching their interaction and it made the concept very clear! Well done Roz and Carola!
 roz-richmond-carola-beekman2 roz-richmond-carola-beekman
elaine-coxonAfter a short break ST Trainee Instructor Elaine Coxon from the UK took us into the world of the Learning Cycle in a very educational and creative way!
Elaine designed an amazing role play, and ST Trainee Instructor Rosan Veer from the Netherlands was so kind to bring all the ‘props’ for this role play (white coat, glasses, books, mirrors, brick), thanks so much Rosan!
The role play was really so much fun! Marc Marsman was the perfect ‘Accommodator’ with the ‘Conga horse’ and we all laughed a lot! Rosan did great in her role as ‘Converger’ and Rebecca Gilbert in that of ‘Diverger’’ and Marijke de Jong as ‘Assimilator’. Their presence really made this learning concept come to live and it caught the imagination of the Mastery students.
Elaine guided the audience in a wonderful way throught the cycle, and made everyone aware of their strengths, that at the same time can also become a pitfall. Very well done Elaine! And thanks so much Rosan, Marc and Rebecca for your valuable input!
After the lunch break Rebecca Gilbert and Casanova, the well trained horse of Anouk Wienia, did the Work in hand touchstones in an impressive way! The combo Rebecca/Casanova was a true inspiration for the Mastery students.
It’s not easy to do these touchstones with a horse you’ve just met! But that is the strength of a true instructor, that you can easily adapt to whatever horse gets in front of you! Rebecca did a great job, and the same applies to Miriam Sherman, Roz Richmond, Elaine Coxon and Wendy Poore, who also worked with an ‘unfamiliar’ horse, well done all of you!!
Then ST Trainee Instructor Carolin Moldenhauer from Germany and her horse Whoopy dived in the Riding Touchstones and they had so much improved since the last Instructors clinic, so they really could perform the 3 touchstones in a relaxed way, while showing all the exercises, and they added a lot of value to the experience of the ST Mastery students. Well done Carolin!

Day 3

The next morning it was Carolin Moldenhauer‘s turn again, but this time in the role of instructor, and her horses were nicely guided by Roz Richmond and Wendy Poore. Carolin explained to the Mastery students how to give feedback in a lesson and showed that in a practical situation together with Roz and Wendy, who both did a very good job with Floh and Whoopy.
carolin-roz-wendy wendy-whoopy
Then it was time for the 4 workshops, in which the Mastery students were very much involved:
  • Lucie Klaassen and Anouk Wienia did a wonderful ‘breathing’ workshop with the Mastery students.
  • Kim Steutel and Elaine Coxon did a lovely workshop about body awareness and body language.
  • Carola Beekman and Miriam Sherman made the Mastery students feel the horse exercises in their own body in a creative way.
  • Natalie van der Meide and Rebecca Gilbert made the Mastery students experience the lateral movements in their own body an a revealing way.

All instructors presented the workshops in a professional and relaxed manner and all Mastery students really gained a lot of awareness through all workshops! Really valuable! Well done all of you!


After the lunch break Marc Marsman and Natalie van der Meide announced the winners of t-shirts, reins, cavesons and the bareback pad. Congratulations to all of you!!


After that we dived into how to set up ST at liberty with ST Trainee Instructor Elaine Coxon from the UK, with the horse Orsini, the horse from Kim Steutel. It was a very interesting session that touched all areas of Straightness Training all the way up to the level of spiritual balance.


Thanks so much!

We all learned so much from all sessions and the whole event was a great succes thanks to the fantastic contribution of all ST (Trainee) Instructors! Thank so much!!!
A very special thanks to the filmers Kim Steutel, Miriam Sherman, Anouk Wienia, Karin van Megen, Carolin Moldenhauer and Marc Marsman, and to Rosan Veer who turns out to have great talent for photography!
And a H.U.G.E. thank you to all open minded and kind ST Mastery students who brought their positive vibes and fantastic energy and great focus to the event!!!

♥  Thanks so much for coming over to the Netherlands from all around the world! ♥ 

More pictures

More pictures of the Straightness Training Live Event 2015 can be found here:

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