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ST Mastery Clinic in Sweden 2016

Amazing three days at the ST Mastery clinic in Sweden!

Thank you to all attendees that were bringing their empowering energy and were playing full out! We had ST Mastery students from 6 different countries ‘in da house’: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the UK, France and the Netherlands!

Huge gratitude and respect to the riders – Karin Wåhlin, Mirja Saarväli, Fina Bjernheim, and Tanja Verhagen from Sweden and Tuula Vanhalakka and Theresa Silfver from Finland – who shared there wonderful work in progress and their ST laboratories with us together with their lovely horses!

Here’s a 2 minute video where we’ve tried to capture the 3 day Mastery Clinic in Sweden in 2 minutes:

During the clinic we gave our Best Aikido, we created breakthroughs, we grew and stepped up to the next level! Thank you all, I am privileged to know you and to serve you! (y) 🙂

Until we meet again in Sweden, make sure to stay in touch with our amazing Swedish ST ambassador: ST Instructor Karin Wåhlin! She will be giving many ST workshops and private lessons in Sweden in the upcoming months!

Click HERE for the full report on Facebook with 50 pictures >>

In the report you’ll find helpful explanations and valuable comments alongside each pic!


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