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ST Trainee Instructors in the Liberty Lab

Last week ST Trainee Instructors Zaneta Georgiades from South Africa and Anouk Wienia and Rosan Veer from the Netherlands formed wonderful teams with my horses Prince Elmelund, Maestro and Toronto!

It was AMAZING seeing them working together in the ‘liberty laboratory‘:

Try out

Zaneta, Anouk and Rosan were invited for a special ‘laboratory’, ‘try out’ and ‘free format’ event. 

For me it was the first time seeing three of my horses teaming up with an ST trainer at liberty at the same time in the same arena! So that was a great experiment to witness!

liberty-labAnother reason for the ‘try out’ is that next year I’d like to invite Grade 3 ST instructors into my ‘laboratory’ to experience and explore the higher grades of 4 and 5 in ST evaluation

In the ‘lab’ my ‘Professors‘ can share their ‘energy university‘ with the ST Trainer. As a result the ST Trainer can bring home good feelings and clear energy to their own horses and they know what to search for in their own laboratory! So I was curious what the Professors would give to the instructors and how the instructors would experience the ‘lab’.

Outcome of the try out

piaffeAll ST trainers could explore the more advanced exercises at liberty and figure out some empowering 2 mm changes in the basics by doing ‘trial and error‘ with the Professors.

Both the trainer as the horse were in a ‘figuring out state‘ to refine the basics and to reach the higher levels in ST.

Experience from the inside out is always our greatest teacher and by figuring out what was working and what was not the ST Trainers could see where they needed to change their approach to get the communication, energy and results they were looking for.

st-trainee-instructors-in the-liberty-labThe horses proved to be perfect guides and mirrors, and this ‘guided’ experience was really invaluable! PE, Maestro and Toronto helped all ST Trainers to find hidden lessons and to figure out 2 mm of important changes, and thanks to the horses we all developed better communication skills and appliance of refined mental and energetic aids.

That’s the Power of Professors. No speech, explanation, instruction, show or demonstration can replace the feedback and feel a true professor horse can share.

So I was very pleased with the outcome of the 3 day event!

lib-labZaneta Georgiades It was AMAZING! Intense learning and stretching and loved every second of it!”

Calvin Vd Sandt So grateful that I was able to be part of it. What amazing things you ladies and those beautiful boys do together. Mind blown!” 🙂

Rosan Veer Oh yes, it was AWESOME! Very intense learning and exploring and growing! I feel so grateful! 🙂 “

Anouk Wienia It was so cool to be part of these awesome days! 🙂 “

Thanks so much, I had an absolute blast with you Anouk Wienia, Marc Marsman, Rosan Veer, Zaneta Georgiades and Calvin Vd Sandt! 🙂



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