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Straightness Training Facebook Groups

Thanks so much for visiting and contributing to our ST Country Facebook Groups!

And we’d like to invite you to become a member of our Straightness Training Members Facebook Group »

All country groups is now officially closed and archived, and here’s why:

We’re living the most extraordinary time ever in equestrian history. Wherever you are we can connect through the internet, and whatever you dream, you can achieve, thanks to the internet!

Straightness Training, our online learning programs, and free online resources are there to help you up your game, create health and happiness for your horse, go big, and impact the world.

Since the ST Academy and ST Community are online and global experiences, we think, it’s no longer efficient and effective to operate in decentralized ST Country Facebook groups.

Therefore, you can now connect with an amazing online community of big-hearted STudents from around the world, as well as Scholars, ST Instructors, ST Evaluators, Crew ST, and me in the all-connecting ST Members Facebook Group:

This will be the central place on the internet where we provide a positive community for peer-to-peer support for anyone starting ST, or anyone who is active in one of our online programs.

It’s a safe, accepting, and positive space for everyone to connect, create, share, and inspire.

It’s a place to get support and to offer support to each other in a friendly and constructive way.

In this main group, we are dedicated to creating an environment for the growth and enjoyment of the riders who have truly committed to taking Straightness Training and their personal growth seriously.

We’d love to have you join us, so we hope to see you in one of our free Kick STart courses, which includes membership to the ST Members Community on Facebook!

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