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Straightness Training in South Africa

I’m in South Africa at the moment to work with Zaneta Georgiades on the ST Evaluation System (STE).

As you might have noticed, Straightness Training is growing faster and faster, with more and more Mastery Students.

Therefore also the number of submitted touchstones (which are video lessons) is increasing just as hard.

Not that long ago, in 2014, we started the ST Evaluation Program and at the start I did all tasks by myself, and they were not yet automated, so manual tasks.

Nowadays in 2017 the volume of touchstones makes it necessary to have a professional automated systemย (see picture) and a complete team in position to be able to process the present volume and the anticipated growth in the upcoming years.

Therefore, this week we’ll dot the i’s and cross the t’s, so Zaneta is well prepared for the job of Supervisor & Manager Operations STE!

And while doing so, we have company of a friendly supporter as you can see on the picture ๐Ÿ˜‰

Straightness Training Lab in SA

Besides working on the ST Evaluation System, Zaneta and I are also working in her laboratory with the 8 y.o. Moon (spotted horse) and her 12 y.o. Delightful (brown horse).

Moon is developping well at the level of Grade 3.

Delightful is Zaneta’s most advanced horse and they are stepping into the Grade 4 waters.

To give you an idea about the grades:

โ— Grade 1 🌱is the level of the novice horse and the teaching phase. At this level, we are looking for lateral bending in the body, the forward down tendency of head and neck and the stepping under the center of mass of the hind legs (LFS).

โ— Grade 2 👌🏻is the elementary level of skill and about the optimizing phase. At this level, we are looking for more quality in balance, suppleness, shape, tempo, and rhythm in all exercises (BSSTR).

โ— Grade 3 🏹 is the competent level of skill. At this level, we strive for connection – bringing the hind legs toward the center of mass – and collection – bringing the center of mass toward the hind legs (CC). We also strive for a higher mental connection between rider and horse.

โ— Grade 4 💪🏻, the level of the advanced and athletic horse (AA). At this level, we are looking for LFS, BSSTR, CC, and also the addition of ‘schwung’, which is the swinging of the spine, where the horse moves energetically, with impulsion, expression and in an athletic way. On a mental level both rider and horse are giving their ‘Best Aikido’, bringing out the best in each other.

This video gives you a ‘sneak peak’ 👀 in Zaneta’s life with her horses in 🇿🇦 and her lab โš— :

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