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This Had A Huge Impact On 24 Riders…

It’s the final week before we kick off my LIVE Masterclass about Straightness Training, and we just got done recording two dozen Case STudies, and… they’re all SUPER COOL!

I’d love to share all the STories with you, and this week’s video is all about what’s on my mind with just a few days left before I go live with the ST Masterclass:

So Today Was a Great Day!

We’re in the house, and we’re just wrapping up editing Case STudies for the upcoming Masterclass.

So my Mastery Students and I have recorded two dozen of these now,  and we’re going to use them during the Masterclass lessons. 

In those Case Studies, people are telling me about their amazing results with Straightness Training, and how their ST journeys have completely changed their lives.

They are sharing how my online ST programs has worked for them, and enabled them to not only serve their horse, but also other riders and their horses. 

And I have to say, you never get bored of hearing people tell you how much ST has changed their lives.  

Now we’re coming into the Masterclass, and I’m basically going to take these Case Studies, and I’m going to use the Case STudies in the upcoming live Masterclass Sessions.

And This Masterclass… It’s Coming Up!

It starts this Thursday.

That’s October 24th, 8 pm WEST.

And October 28th is the next one.

The next one is on the last day of October.

And then the final class is on November the 4th.

So these are four different classes, so it’s not like I’m doing the same thing over.

You know, they just build on top of each other. 

And it was interesting, because I mentioned the dates and times in last week’s video, and we got this response – it was almost like a panic kind of response from a bunch of people that were like, “I cannot make that date”, “I can’t make that time”.

Or like, “Hey, I am in Moscow. It will be 10 pm at night.”

Or, “I’m in Sydney – Australia. It’s going to be 6 am in the morning.” 

So This Is The Deal… 

Everything’s going to be set up so that you can have a great experience no matter where you live in the world, or whether you’re working, or whatever. 

We’ll have recordings that will be available.

And I’ll have this Masterclass Reception Page that will have all the resources available. 

You’ll be able to go check that Reception Page and the recordings at any time of the day.

But This Is The Important Thing:

I am going to do my best to try to convince you to attend live.

Because what I’ve seen over the years is that the people who attend live that are the people who get the best results.

So there will be a segment during each of these live trainings that we call the Super Secret Segment,

and that’s not part of the recordings.  

That’s just the little carrot to try to get you to attend.

And you’re like, “Marijke, that’s not fair. I’m in Australia.”  

But you know what…

In our ST Academy, we’re doing live Mastermind sessions on a regular basis, and a lot of people are getting up at four in the morning, or staying up until two at night.

Bottom line:

It Just Comes Down To Commitment 

It comes down to commitment, and I want you to commit to be there in the Masterclass with me, because it’s going to be groundbreaking.

It’s going to be better than our previous free mastery courses.

So I encourage you – if you can – attend live.

If you can’t, then just commit to watch the recordings within – let’s say – 24 hours of the live broadcast.

But I really want you to attend live, because I really want you to get the most out of this in the best way possible.

So yeah:

We’re Just a Few Days Out.

October 24th is the first Masterclass.

There’s going to be a link down below to register.

There’s no cost – all it takes is your email »

We’ll get you registered, and then in a couple of days we’ll be releasing our Reception Page that’s going to have all the resources that you need: 

It’s the place that you can just keep on checking back because in addition to these four live broadcasts:

  • There’s going to be downloads.
  • There’s going to be extra videos,
  • There’s going to be a Facebook support group, and
  • There’s going to be extra goodies that I release on that Reception Page.

So back to these case studies.

It’s all very, very exciting.

And I’d love to share them with you, during the Masterclass LIVE sessions.

So click THIS link to get registered:


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Comment author said

By Michele Holiastos on 22 October 2019 at 01:28

Hello …I will be watching from my farm in Upper Lansdowne Australia……Michele Holiastos


Comment author said

By Anna van Rheeden on 23 October 2019 at 07:53

Sounds all just awesome!! 2 am in the middle of the night won’t work as I really need my night rest but will surely watch the recordings. Wish you all an amazing live Masterclass


Comment author said

By Michelle Alves on 4 November 2019 at 11:22

It looks awesome would like to join.. I would be watching feom Koster…


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