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Triple effect of one single lesson

ST Instructor Zaneta Georgiades and I are still working on the transfer of the supervision and general management tasks of the ST Evaluation System.

Plus, we work daily in Zaneta’s lab with the horses Moon and Delightful.

And we do it like this:

1. First, I give Zaneta a lesson and we film this lesson.

2. Next, Zaneta watches this filmed lesson on the camera or computer.

3. Third, Zaneta practises this lesson once more, with me not being around.

BAM! Triple effect!

Same lesson, used three times…. with the result as if Zaneta had 9 lessons…


▶︎ First, Zaneta hears new input from the outside in and then she reacts to it by trying to integrate the new things in the moment. This way we can combine what she feels with what I see, so she knows exactly “when I feel this, it is OK”. Especially when riding, you cannot see thew hole horse, so it’s important to have somebody on the ground to tell you how things look.

▶︎ Second, Zaneta hears all the new input again on film, and she sees the effect of her actions on the new input. And she not only hears what she already heard in the lesson, she also hears completely new things! Because during the lesson, there’s so much going on than just me talking: The horse is also reacting and communicating, and when you have to hear, feel and see at the same time, some parts of what I am saying are getting lost. That’s normal. Our senses are not that good in multitasking 😉 Nothing to worry about. But therefore it’s so important to ALWAYS film your lesson, so you can hear the tips and advice that has been given in the lesson again on film. A beneficial side effect is, that you also see yourself from a ‘dissociative’ perspective: it’s different when you see yourself whilst sitting on the horse, then when looking at yourself from a distant. That shines a whole new light on what you’re doing, and it leads to many ‘aha’ moments.

▶︎ Third, Zaneta can start to internalize the new learned things, by first making a plan herself about what to do in the training, and then by taking action from the inside-out. With no instructor around, Zaneta has to do ‘trial & error’ with the just learned input, and see what’s working and what’s not working and then she needs to change her approach to get the best result with the new learned input.

The next day, Zaneta and her horses come back for another lesson, and the combination looks different… I don’t have to repeat the same things…. I don’t even have to continue where we left off… there comfort zone is much bigger…. they are at a much higher level as when I only had given her 1 lesson WITHOUT filming, WITHOUT self- practicing. How cool is that!

Now this video contains snippets of yesterday and the day before, and there was a nice, significant growth visible in Delightful’s canter under saddle compared to the day before. Therefore we could start to collect him more and he revealed himself: for sure a true pirouette will arise one day.

For now, we enjoy the work in progress and we enjoy the process with both horses!

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