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What Is Your Biggest Challenge?


On my website StraightnessTraining.com there are many articles dealing with challenges that riders are facing on a daily basis.

Many of those issues can lead to loss of joy, discomfort dissatisfaction, and more, unless we learn how to cope with the root of many of these challenges: the natural asymmetry, which won’t go away by itself.

Now since we are almost ready to launch our ST Mastery Program Version 2.0 I’d like to know:

  • What is your biggest personal challenge as a rider or horse trainer?
  • What’s keeping you from getting the results you are looking for?
  • What is taking the joy out of your work with your horse?

I’m really curious what your biggest challenge is, because I want to make sure that Mastery 2.0. addresses as many of them as possible.

Therefore, I would be very grateful if you could share your issues with me by investing a few minutes of your time to answer some questions.

Click HERE For The Survey >>

Your feedback by participating in this short survey will be instrumental in helping us as we develop our ST Mastery Program 2.0. that we hope will help you with your challenges. Because working with horses should be fun, rewarding and beneficial for both you and your horse.

So let’s get rid off many of the challenges by working  together. Via the survey you can have an impact on our plans and on the development of ST Mastery 2.0.  

Click HERE For The Survey >>

To express our appreciation for you taking time to answer a few questions, we will be having a random drawing of 3 free tickets with instant access to our ST Home Study Course (value 297 euro) to those who complete the questionnaire before November 19th.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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