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May 2021 Bring Us Closer

A lot has changed this year, and some might be spending the holidays away from their loved ones.

So for some, this year may not be the happiest of times, and for certain this will be a one-of-a-kind holiday season.

I wish next year will bring you more opportunities and more freedom.

But whatever your situation may be right now… hang in there!

Be thankful for even the smallest of things! It makes a world of difference!

This is where my gratitude for the internet comes in:

I’ll be spending a lot of virtual time with all the Scholars!

And may 2021 bring us even closer, as there is still so much that can be shared in inventive, innovative, and ingenious ways!

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ST Instructor Certification | 2020

Every year, our ST Trainee Instructors are an example of what’s possible!

They show up. They study. They practice. They progress. They put in all their hunger, heart, and hard work. They develop the results they are looking for.

At the Straightness Training Academy Academy, we love celebrating the Trainees each year who have gone on to receive their ST Instructor Certification!

This year, Heleen Bouman from France and Kim Alford from South Africa created their success! 

Well done! Congratulations!  

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