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ST Academy Website Makeover

As I’ve watched the ST Academy and team grow over the years, I have also had the pleasure of watching our programs and website mature, which has been a fascinating journey!

And last week, we’ve completely redesigned all the pages in an effort to present an easy and straightforward experience when you look for information about the Straightness Training Academy.

We added fresh new features to help improve the user experience, and there are a few major changes to be aware of:

★ The Login page has been re-organized to make the different types of courses and programs we offer easier to find

★ Our new-and-improved design reflects our new way of education in the Scholars membership.

★ The Certification page is brand new, and it communicates what we do and the level at which we work.

★ Also, the About page has been updated where you can meet our incredible team.

★ The very first podcast is on its way, so there has already been a Podcast page created.

Our goal is to continually enhance the user experience for you guys, and we hope you enjoy our updated new website as much as we do!