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Discovery Of My Dog

In the middle of the winter, we were not looking for a dog, but Wolfee crossed our path.

Wolfee – the blond dog in the video below – was born on December 2 in a nest of three (we discovered this once we adopted her).

In January, her mother, one brother, and Wolfee were housed in a field of one of the farmers who live here in the village.

For a while, they lived together with a calm horse and some lovely sheep:

Now, the field is on the other side of the road on which our house is located, so we heard the dogs barking and playing.

That’s how we discovered them, and we made a little video – not knowing that we filmed our future dog:

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Beautiful Sunsets Need Cloudy Skies

The road to Mastery is not an easy road.

And at some point, we’d like to ask for a lighter road, an easier job, a less difficult task, an effortless exercise, a better something.

But then we have to remember that the key component to beautiful sunsets is: clouds!

Only then the light will start reflecting in many charming ways.

Now we’d like to avoid the clouds in our training sessions – and in our lives – and be sunshiney and feel happy all the time.

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