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26 | How To Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities

When someone tells me that they have a difficult horse or a problem, it doesn’t mean anything to me.

Seriously. It’s irrelevant. Why?

Because these horses make us wiser and STronger.

You can’t become the horse trainer you want to be on Easy Street.

Overcoming obstacles is a skill you can learn and practice, and when you do, you will be amazed at what you can achieve with your horse.

And that’s exactly what Christine de Groef from Belgium did…

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#25 | One Sentence Can Change Your Horse

There is one sentence running the training sessions with your horse right now. This one sentence is responsible for the results you are creating with your horse, but you’re not always aware of it. It can be a disempowering sentence like:

  • 💬 I don’t know.
  • 💬 I can’t do this.
  • 💬 I’m not good enough.
  • 💬 My horse is not good enough.
  • 💬 I won’t be successful.

These are limiting beliefs, but you don’t have to keep them. This week in Weekly ST, I share how to find the sentence running your training sessions, and how to change it to something that gets you the results you want.

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Gina Serkasevich & Roman Graduate Grade 1

Gina Serkasevich from the USA is a Scholar in the Basic ST Instructor Certification Program  and recently, Gina graduated in the Straightness Training Academy in Grade 1 in all five training pillars: groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding and Straightness Training at liberty.

Congratulations Gina, keep up the good work in the Certification Program!

And thanks, Gina, for taking the time to share your STory with us:  

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