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What If The Opposite Is True?

When we work with our horse, we make a representation of what’s going on.

We determine what things mean and often put a label on the situation and our horse:

  • The weather is good / bad.
  • The arena is okay / not okay.
  • There are too many people /  not enough people.
  • Our horse is nice, not nice, energetic, lazy, cooperative, stubborn, willing, naughty, …

But all these statements are just an opinion. 

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The Winner Takes It All

‘Winners’ are horses that has succeeded in everything they have tried to do.

They succeeded in doing all the unwanted behavior you can imagine.

For example:

  • Escaping from the field
  • Chewing and ruining reins
  • Pulling the longe line and break free
  • Bucking or rearing to get rid of the rider

In ST, we consider those horses as ‘winners‘.

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ST Academy Graduates | June 2020

Even through these turbulent times in many countries we still have some riders who are able to train their horses and submit online videos of their work – which is amazing and a testament to what dedicated Scholars and STudents we have in the ST Academy!
‍ ‍‍
So even though the party is small, we are still having a party to celebrate that in June 2020, the following Scholars and STudents in the ST Academy from South Africa, the UK, and the US passed a Touchstone in the ST Evaluation Program!

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