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Part 1: Let’s Go Back To 2008!

Around the turn of the year, it’s always good to look back 👀 …

And this is an interesting quote:

“Most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year – and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!” – Tony Robbins

So do you remember 2008?

That‘s 10 years ago…

And yes I know, it sounds like 3 years ago, but that’s another story… 😉

So let’s go back to 2008:

● Where did you live?
● What did you do?
Did you have horses?
● What was your knowledge about horses?
● How capable were you as a rider?
● What were your hopes and dreams?

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Kristin Kill and her Quarter Horse Flynn

Mastery Student Kristin Kill from Michigan in the USA started the Mastery Program in January 2017 with her Quarter Horse Flynn.

And Kristin had some empowering words to say about her fascinating ST Journey!

Plus, she shared some lovely before/after pictures with us.

Here’s here STory:

“For the new Mastery Students here, I want to recap my first year of ST and hopefully offer encouragement.

I have an ordinary 5 year old quarter horse.

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About Conditioning And Communication…

So cool to see passionate riders from various equestrian disciplines arriving in the ST Mastery Program!

And because of their background, they taught their horse, for example, the following:

  • To jump into the canter with the inside leg.
  • To respond with backing along the wall when they press slightly on the horse’s neck.
  • To bring the hind quarters towards the trainer from the whip in the air, while the horse slightly counter bends.
  • To swing the haunches back out, when they put pressure with the whip in the girth area.

But in Straightness Training we teach our horse the following:

  • To jump into canter from the outside leg.
  • To respond with haunches-in with slight pressure on the horse’s neck.
  • To bring the hindquarters in from the whip in the air and bend around the trainer.
  • To bend around the whip, when we put gentle pressure on the girth area.

Now to be clear:

There is no RIGHT way ✅, and there’s no WRONG way ⛔️… Read More..