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ST Evaluation Graduates May 2020

Even through these turbulent times and during lockdown in many countries, we still have some Mastery students who are able to train their horses and submit Touchstones, which is amazing and a testament to what dedicated students we have in the ST Academy!
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So even though the party is small, we are still having a party to celebrate that in May 2020, the following ST Mastery Students in the ST Academy from Australia, the Netherlands, and Sweden – passed a Touchstone in the ST Evaluation Program!

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Groundwork Sets You Up For Success

Groundwork is like the footings under a house.

Most of the time, we take footings for granted, but even 2mm of uneven setting is enough to cause cracks in masonry, tile, cement, or plaster.

It’s the same with horses:

Even 2mm off track in groundwork is enough to cause cracks in longeing, work in hand, riding, or liberty!

That’s why groundwork matters most!

Listen to what ST Instructor Zaneta Georgiades from South Africa has to say about it:

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Making Good Decisions

We decide over and over… or not at all.

Sometimes we’re in this state of indecision:

  • “Shall I do it? Shall I not do it? Shall I do it now? Shall I do it later?”

… while wasting a lot of time in the – what I call – the “Now-Not-Later” loop. We keep discussing with our inner crocodile 🐊 whether to do some yoga exercises or not, now or later? Not? Now? Later? Not? Now? Later? Not? Now? Later?… But he who hesitates waits… and waits…. and waits…

Making good decisions is also about the quality of our questions. When we know WHY we do what we want to do, we make better decisions.

In episode #014 of the Self-Mastery Masterclass, I share some key strategies to make better decisions: Read More..