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Join The Facebook LIVE Sessions This Week

We’re in this together, and we get out of this together, by working together.

Let’s be our best self during these tough times, so we can make a positive difference to those around us!

Join me for a “self-mastery” journey in the FB live sessions this week:

Every day – Monday to Friday – at 2 pm / 14:00 Lisbon / West European Time (WET).

Go to my Facebook page to watch » ‍‍ ‍‍

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ST Instructors during the Coronavirus Pandemic

ST Instructor Zaneta Georgiades

‍‍It’s been a turbulent few weeks, and it will be a while before the skies clear and things return to normal.
So first, we want to say that we hope you’re safe.
And we hope you’re healthy, and if not, then we wish you a speedy recovery and send healing wishes.
Also, we hope you and your loved ones have access to the food, medicine, and other resources you need to make it through this challenging time.

With this post, we wanted to reach out to you and update you on what this ongoing situation means for our ST Instructors and your learning opportunities as an ST Student.

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Stretch Yourself To The Limit

During this pandemic, it’s normal to have concerns about

  • the coronavirus
  • the spread of it,
  • the government’s decisions
  • the amount of food in the supermarket,
  • other people’s actions,
  • lack of work,
  • whether we get the virus or not,

but these are all factors that we cannot control. ‍‍

They are outside our circle of influence.

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