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Staying Home – How To Adjust

I’m at home today, and I know a lot of our students and instructors and their friends and families have to stay home.

The coronavirus changed everything!

It came out of the blue.

It changed our perspective on the world.

It changed our view on safety.

It turned our whole life upside down.

A month ago, we were going to work, doing clinics, joining lessons, we were going to birthday parties and weddings….

Today we’re at home….

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Ask These Quality Questions During Tough Times

Quality questions create a quality life – even during tough times.

People who are successful – even in hard and difficult times – ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.

So we need to ask ourselves quality questions during the Corona pandemic.

Questions that empower and equip us to create better thoughts, empowering emotions, effective responses, and constructive solutions.

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