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My name is Marijke de Jong and I am a horse rider, trainer and instructor and I live in the Netherlands. I teach the straightness training and also coach different instructors who are specialists in ‘straightness training’ .
My specialties are my knowledge about natural asymmetry in equine bodies and of course the solution to this: to improve symmetry in the horse’s body by special exercises. Natural asymmetry is not easily recognized by average riders so that they can not train their horse properly. This could lead to several riding and behavioral problems.
Bragging rights
Straightness training is for everybody To pass on my knowledge and experience to other horse owners – who might even struggle with their own Maestro – is very special. Straightness training is not only for the high and mighty in dressage. It is for everybody. I own and ride Dutch warm bloods, a Spanish horse, a Frederiksborger and a Trakehner horse. My students bring along their own horses, every breed has passed the venue here, from Tinker to Icelandic Pony and of course many Iberian horses. Everybody and every breed is welcome here. This website gives you information about dressage and about schooling horses and straightness training can be applied to all of them. Once you become involved with gymnastic training more closely, you’ll realize how important it is, and finally, how easy it is to understand! I hope that you will be pleased with the information on this website and that it’s helpful to you.

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