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Finding Meaning In Challenging Times

A lot of us are still going through a tough time because of the pandemic.

To some of us it even might feel that everything is taken away:

  • The opportunity to train our horse because the yard is in lockdown
  • Our privilege to go wherever we want to go because we need to stay home
  • Our license to do as one wants because we need to keep distance
  • The ability to go out and have dinner at our favorite restaurant because it’s closed
  • Our favorite festivals, birthdays, and parties, because they are all cancelled
  • Our ability to hug our family and friends because we need to keep things safe
  • And maybe our job
  • Our future
  • Our dignity

But remember:

Of course, we cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how to respond to them.

We are response-able, which means we have the response-ability to choose what we think of any given situation and how we respond to any given situation.

If we change the way we think we change the way we feel and this will change what we do which changes what we get.

We all experience things that we wish never happened, but how we choose to respond to the challenge is entirely our call.

So in episode #009 of the Self-Mastery Masterclass, we flip things around:

  • Learn to raise your sights, no matter how dark things seem to be
  • Explore your inner freedom and how it can never be lost
  • Discover the possibilities to learn and opportunities to grow spiritually
  • Find out what gives your life purpose – no matter what circumstances
  • Get the questions to find out what’s the meaning of your life

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Discover The Power Of Mindset

Since childhood, Yasmain and Yolain have been fascinated by horses. For 21 years, they had been twin sisters and best friends. They were identical in nearly every way. They had the same grades in school and wore the same clothes. They were both good riders and had great fun with horses.

At the age of 21, they were still similar in appearance and outlook, but then something changed…

Now, in their thirties, they differ greatly.

  • Physically seen, Yasmain’s weight is still the same as it was when she was 21. Yolain has gained 20 pounds in the past 10 years.
  • Mentally seen, Yasmain sleeps well every night, while Yolain’s worrying keeps her awake.
  • Energetically seen, Yasmain feels full of life, but Yolain is often very tired.
  • Spiritually seen, Yasmain feels like she’s living a purposeful and fulfilled life, but Yolain is unhappy.

And they don’t see each other anymore ….

How could this happen? 

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