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Making Good Decisions

We decide over and over… or not at all.

Sometimes we’re in this state of indecision:

  • “Shall I do it? Shall I not do it? Shall I do it now? Shall I do it later?”

… while wasting a lot of time in the – what I call – the “Now-Not-Later” loop. We keep discussing with our inner crocodile 🐊 whether to do some yoga exercises or not, now or later? Not? Now? Later? Not? Now? Later? Not? Now? Later?… But he who hesitates waits… and waits…. and waits…

Making good decisions is also about the quality of our questions. When we know WHY we do what we want to do, we make better decisions.

In episode #014 of the Self-Mastery Masterclass, I share some key strategies to make better decisions:

Knowing how to make good decisions — like what to eat, when to do Pilates, how to spend your time — could be the key to living your best life.

A question like “Do I feel like doing some exercises?” is the wrong question!
That’s not WHY we do it! We don’t go to the gym to feel good now; we go to feel good for the rest of our life!

Being able to make good decisions in a challenging time like this, and feeling confident about your decision-making skills could save you a lot of time and hassle!


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