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Kristin Kill and her Quarter Horse Flynn

Mastery Student Kristin Kill from Michigan in the USA started the Mastery Program in January 2017 with her Quarter Horse Flynn.

And Kristin had some empowering words to say about her fascinating ST Journey!

Plus, she shared some lovely before/after pictures with us.

Here’s here STory:

“For the new Mastery Students here, I want to recap my first year of ST and hopefully offer encouragement.

I have an ordinary 5 year old quarter horse.

In the US we might refer to him as a Western horse through and through.

He is not a fancy mover; he’s only 15.1 and had little previous training other than breaking out and frankly he’s lazy.

When we began ST he was 4.

I am a 58 year old grandmother, I work part time and I keep my horse at my daughters house 30 minutes away.

As a private horse owner for years I had just begun back at my passion after 10 years off.

I am not the best rider and have a passion for ground work which came out of necessity years ago when my daughter began showing and her horse was a handful.

The bottom line is that ST works and works well.

After 10 months I have a responsive, beautiful moving, well balanced, working equine partner.

This has not come easily or quickly.

We also still have issues.

However, I have begun riding him in formal Western Dressage training and my instructor who is a well known teacher and a judge in our area, is amazed at my little guy.

We are quickly moving into higher level moves.

I have worked at the ST exercises on a regular basis.

I have walked and walked and walked around my arena through snow, wind, heat and wonderful weather too.

I have gotten frustrated to the point of giving up.

I have gotten mad at my horse.

I have also experienced wonderment, increased physical strength, a much softer approach to training and frankly life, and have become a fairly confident horsewoman.

I followed the written material and videos.

I attended one of Meg Brauch ST Instructor clinics (well worth it!) which I had to fly to get to.

I was on my own at home with only this fabulous community on fb… which is an amazing help.

I believe that the ST exercises are the key to physical well being on my horse such that he is able to carry me with confidence and is beginning to show that he is actually thinking on his own.

I am excited to keep moving to higher levels of ST if only I can walk that fast… lol…

If you have gotten this far… thanks for reading and best wishes on your journey and I look forward to seeing your posts here.

Here are some before and after pics:

Enjoy the process!”

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