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Zaneta & Delightful | Liberty Grade 4 Journey

ST Instructor Zaneta Georgiades from South Africa passed the Liberty Grade 4 Touchstone with her gelding Delightful!


Here is the video link to her third submission for which she received a high 2 star score:

In the process, Zaneta submitted four Liberty videos on the level of Grade 4, and received four lessons.

And we discussed all four lessons in the April Mastermind Session with all Mastery student.

Zaneta shared more details about her learning process and insights into her own laboratory, and this is what she had to say:

“We had a super Mastermind session last night where Marijke took all the listeners in detail through the process of my Liberty 4 Touchstones. It was amazing to go in detail through all the subtleties again thanks to Marijke’s expert eyes!

I’ll share a little about how the process was for me and the quote in the picture below already reflects a lot of the essence of the Evaluation process for me…

My first insight was to just go ahead and submit, knowing that it is not perfect, that it probably is not a pass, BUT that there is some good stuff there already and that I would love the feedback as a reference to what is there and what needs to be added to make it even better…

So I sent in my first video with its mistakes but also with the feeling that there is something there to start with. Marijke came back with excellent tips and advice (as she went through in detail in the Mastermind webinar). I got confirmation on what was good, tips on what I already knew needed work and brand new insights into the idea of getting the APPROPRIATE amount of connection and collection and mental/physical concentration depending on the exercise. More doesn’t necessarily mean better, but rather the timing and dosing which makes the difference. Lightbulb moment! 💡

I played in my laboratory with these new concepts straight away and went a little to the other extreme – much more forward flow and a bit more relaxed activity throughout. And I submitted this video next. Again, super fine details back from Marijke along with an explanation that the essence of every Grade has a time and place depending on the exercise. I had swung a bit to the other extreme, so I had much better flow and relaxed mental state but I had lost the active and carrying hind legs I had in the first video (more details about this in the Mastermind recording). I also did some Additional Coaching to get more insight into this concept as it was something new for me to consider and I wanted to make sure I understood the details clearly…

After the Additional Coaching, going deeper into the concepts, it was like 50 lightbulbs going off at once and I couldn’t wait to get back into the arena to experiment with this new inner picture and inner feeling! 🤩

In my third video, I experienced what Angela Duckworth talks about in her book Grit as ‘flow’. Where everything feels effortless and both Delightful and I were in ‘the zone’. Now ‘flow’ is something that arises from ‘deliberate practice’ and as yummy as ‘flow’ feels is as challenging as ‘deliberate practice’ is! So Delightful and I tasted the fruits of the previous weeks’ ‘deliberate practice’ and it was delicious!

Marijke came back with awesome feedback, pointing out the improvements from the first two videos and how we had found the balance of ‘Steinbrecht forward’ and connection and collection. In the Additional coaching here, the tip was that, over time, I could gradually increase the range – so we could strive for even longer, more elastic strides in the forward flow and even more powerful sitting behind in the collection and connection.

But, I had tasted the yummy ‘flow’ fruit and I wanted to try it NOW! So I immediately went back into my laboratory and said to D, “Ok my boy, this was the feedback, let’s DO this!”. The result is that I lost a bit of the quality we had in our third video but the plus side is that I felt again how important it is to let the quality arise organically rather than produce it mechanically…

It was fascinating to feel that trying to ‘pull on the grass’ to make it grow just breaks the grass!  So we sent in our fourth video and the feedback from Marijke was once again supportive and spot on – some loss of dialogue and quality because I had lost some of my own centredness and had tipped a little into ‘making’ instead of ‘asking, guiding, inviting’. Another invaluable ‘inside-out’ experience.

My experience of submitting Touchstones along with the Additional Coaching, exploring the extremes of the physical and mental quality as well as balancing active doing and more passive allowing has created such a shift and growth spurt in my laboratory with Delightful 🦄 It was a huge challenge but SO worth it!

The biggest insights I had during this process (and all along the way from my first Groundwork 1 submission in August 2014!) are:

— To be brave and submit my Touchstones. There is no such thing as perfect, my horse and I are a work in progress just like everybody else, so we are in good company!

— How important both the written feedback AND the additional coaching is! The written feedback gave me something concrete to read and think about – exact guidelines and marks that I could measure my progress with and clearly see where I had ‘gained’ or ‘lost’ something. The additional coaching brought more of the feel and abstract conceptual approach in, where I could dive a bit more into the metaphors and discuss these until I had a better ‘feel’ of them in my imagination. The combination of the more ‘yang’ written pdf and the more ‘yin’ additional coaching was a winning recipe!

— When I get my feedback, not to waste time and energy fighting the advice 😠🤬😵😤😢 Just take it all in like a sponge. To be humble and allow the tips to break my belief systems because I don’t know what I don’t know yet, so those belief systems are not serving me! Realize that the process of learning and re-learning is a spiral – I will constantly have to be breaking belief systems of what I thought I knew. And once the dust has settled, I’ll discover that my experience and insight has grown!

— To explore in my laboratory and then submit again! Even if I’ve passed, there is still loads more to discover in each Touchstone! It is not just about climbing up the ladder, but about digging deeper into the nuances to broaden, widen, and deepen my foundation. The better my base is, the higher I can climb anyway! 🕵️‍♀️🤔🏔

— Not to let resubmits break my spirit. They are gifts in disguise. The pain of a resubmit is good for me, it creates the ‘healthy stress’ that triggers transformation inside. To welcome them, even while my gremlins grumble in the background, and not to give those gremlins any of my valuable time and attention… 👹 To let the constructive criticisms feed my curiosity instead to go out and discover more.

— And then finally, to give myself time to ‘soak’ in the new concepts, tips, feelings, etc. I can’t pull on the grass to make it grow. Being in balance is about getting into the arena with my horse and gaining experience, but it is also about allowing time to allow the dust to settle and let the new information take root in my subconscious. So I need to be kind to myself as well 💜

I have learned so much over the past years and I am so excited about this coaching opportunity in the ST Evaluation program! It has helped me so much all the way on the other side of the world where I started by myself. It is my passion to help people travel this path with their horses, using the online coaching in the ST Evaluation Program to assist them every step of the way. And I am so grateful to be the general manager of the system and so incredibly proud to be a part of the amazing team of evaluators who work alongside me. We look forward to giving everybody the best possible quality feedback to help you progress deeper, wider, broader, and higher with your horses. 😍

~ Zaneta Georgiades, South Africa

Zaneta Georgiades is an ST Instructor, and Manager Operations of the ST Evaluation Program.

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