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eBook The (Un)limited brain of Elaine and Charmaine

Since childhood, Yasmain and Yolain have been fascinated by horses.

For 21 years, they had been twin sisters and best friends.

They were identical in nearly every way.

They had the same grades in school and wore the same clothes.

They were both good riders and had great fun with horses.

At the age of 21, they were still similar in appearance and outlook, but then something changed…

Now, in their thirties, they differ greatly.

  • Physically seen, Yasmain’s weight is still the same as it was when she was 21. Yolain has gained 20 pounds in the past 10 years.
  • Mentally seen, Yasmain sleeps well every night, while Yolain’s worrying keeps her awake.
  • Energetically seen, Yasmain feels full of life, but Yolain is often very tired.
  • Spiritually seen, Yasmain feels like she’s living a purposeful and fulfilled life, but Yolain is unhappy.

And they don’t see each other anymore ….

How could this happen? 

Download this eBook to find out:

4 thoughts on “eBook The (Un)limited brain of Elaine and Charmaine

Comment author said

By Julie on 27 February 2013 at 14:02

thankyou Marijke for another great gift I am grateful that I have always had a positive mental attitude and a gratitude attitude how we look at things makes all the difference not only do you help yourself but you help others even if at the moment they do not see it or cannot possibly conceive of how you do it. thankyou Julie


Comment author said

By Narelle on 21 September 2015 at 02:37

I love your comment Julie, and absolutely understand and agree with what you are saying…..XXX….


Comment author said

By Narelle on 21 September 2015 at 02:01

Thank you sooooooo much for sharing this story…. Your story is what I have been working on most of my troubled life…. And you have put it in such a simple way that has answered even more confusing questions that I have been struggling with to find peace with in myself…. And yes, I am another one of you who has been obsesed with this beautiful magestic animal ever since I can remember, the horse, and I understand how they can bring out the best and the worst in you as I have watched myself through the years. They have certinally been a great teacher and mentally healing for me, not only just in horsemanship, but there is something about the horse that I can’t find words for. But being with a horse takes you to a place (a differant plane) that conects with your true being deep within your sole that can manafest into shear heaven as they teach you to grow and develop as a person…….. I love to watch this true conection that can happen between a horse and a person. To me, is is one of the most beautiful things that I can experience and it lifts my heart……….. I truly love what you do Marijke, and I love following you from all the way over the other side of the world here in Australia…… XXX…..


Comment author said

By Marianne on 30 December 2015 at 17:44

How beautiful to take a twin as example. Scientifically well chosen. Everything is the same for them, still one is happy, the other is unhappy. The difference is the inner being. So within, so around you. An inner change gives an outer change. As Buddha says:”One creates one’s own world with one’s thoughts”. One gets the same situation of failure repeatly, until one has discovered the lesson within. When applying this lesson, this situation changes in outcome, things get better. I experienced it myself, always blaming other people. By doing so I give my power to others and I become a victim, asking attention from the wrong people, which costs alot, very expensive energetically and financial and in all other matters. And the situation gets tougher each time it happens again, until one gets desperate and gets the answer what one has to change in habit. Then the bad situation vades away. Miraculously.
So as Helen Hadsell says: “There is no failure, only a delay of manifestation” and also : “Every obstacle is the first step to the next level”.
Thank you, Marijke, for this rich lesson.
Now how to change a horse who is spoiled from birth on and is now a bit aggressive to the other horses of the group and acts obtrusive to people when approached in the meadow and wants to be cuddled like a dog, a rather big dog, so to say, 600 kilo weight. How to correct the horse? I assume beating with a halter is not the best strategy. It is not my horse, but I ask this question as a prevention of malbehavior of the owner in her corrective try to the horse. I don’t like beating.
When do one start with a young horse with Straightness Training? How do one let grow up a young horse? I loved to read the 17 tips for old horses.
By accentuating the attitude of the rider you, Marijke, show excellency. The horse will follow you willingly, as your human pupils do. Great.
Gratitude for your beautiful example.


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