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2018 Blog Post Overview

Today, it’s the last day of July.

August begins in just one day, and with the change in month, we also start the final five months of the year.

Now, what are you going to do start August off right?

Could your next 5 months be better than the last 7 months?

What would actually happen when you decide TODAY to take full responsibility for everything you’re going to do the next 5 months?

You see, when we look at a professional horse trainer, an instructor, an expert, a master, all we see is success and prosperity!

But that doesn’t mean these guys don’t face any challenges.

That’s because they are like an iceberg:

‍‍When we see an iceberg, all we see is the tip of the iceberg, which is 10%.

But a lot is going on beneath the surface: 90%!

So what people see when they look at a master is his outstanding knowledge and amazing skills: 10%.

But what we DO NOT see is his 90% – his attitude and empowering emotions – that brought him to success.

Now here’s the secret:

Masters do not have an ‘inborn’ amazing talent…

The only thing is, that they are willing to freeze the ice below the surface so that they can shine above the surface.

And to help you shine in the final five months of 2018, here’s the list of 27 blog posts that I’ve published in the frst 7 months of 2018 – with many articles to help you freeze your ice:

  1. How to Deal with a Nippy/Pushy Horse >>
  2. Listen to your (he)art >>
  3. The 8 levels of Consciousness >>
  4. How to Deal with Criticism >>
  5. Avoid the Extreme, Stay in Green >>
  6. The Happy Flat Liner >> 
  7. Too much comfort feels uncomfortable >>
  8. Connection & Collection >>
  9. Impulsion & Schwung >>
  10. Empty your cup >>
  11. The Map is not the Territory >>
  12. The Lab Cycle >>
  13. Capture what you GET >>
  14. The Formula for Happiness >>
  15. The ST Pyramid >>
  16. Freeze your Ice >>
  17. WLBs won’t get the job done >>
  18. What Comes Around, Goes Around >>
  19. The 3 Secrets of Response-Ability >>
  20. The Freedom of Unlimited Responsiblity >>
  21. Two Magic Powers that Fuel Success >>
  22. Raise Your Standard >>
  23. The 7 Mental States of the Horse >>
  24. Being Squeezed like a Lemon >>
  25. Knowing ST Intellectually vs Experientially >>
  26. ST gives you the Concepts; You have to fill in the Details >>
  27. 2mm; The Devil is in the Detail >>

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