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How to Not Fall into the Map Trap

What do you do when you are with your horse?

  • Training?
  • Teaching?
  • Conditioning?
  • Behavior modification?
  • Horse whispering?
  • Communicating?
  • Connecting?

Or is it more about you?

  • Is it self-mastery?
  • Or a spiritual journey?

Whatever you call it, it might depend on your level of consciousness.

This level has a significant impact on how you perceive the world around you.

​​​​​​​So check out all 8 levels of consciousness to find out why you do things the way you do >>

And whatever you call it what you do:

It doesn’t matter – because the ‘map’ is not the ‘territory’ anyway:

Viewing a map of Portugal and experiencing the country of Portugal in real life is not the same.

The idea of something and the experience of something are two very different things.

Maps, at the very best, can only point the way.

It’s the same with words: at the very best, they can only motivate, inspire, and guide us.

So it’s really important not to hang too tightly onto the words.

And not to fall into the map trap:

Nowhere do maps and words touch upon absolute truth!!

On the other hand:

A proper use of words and maps can be VERY helpful for you to progress and HERE’s how and why >>

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