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Stay Balanced During The Corona Pandemic (COVID-19)

Our own balance in body, mind, heart, and soul is the greatest determining factor in how our Straightness Training works out.

Also, in the challenging times that we’re all experiencing right now, we have to take care not to lose our center.

Of course, we’re all worried about what’s going to happen… today, next week… How long is this going to last?… When will it be over?… What does this mean for me, my work, my students?… What does it mean for the well-being of my family, families, friends, and communities?… Can we keep access to food?….

And yes, our actions are limited, we cannot do anything about the coronavirus (COVID-19) other than follow the basic instructions that doctors and governments are giving us all.

However, our responsibility is unlimited, which means, we have the ability to respond to this situation the best we can with the resources we have. ‍‍

So what CAN we do to avoid that fear, anxiety, and worry are going to paralyze us, and what CAN we do to stay balanced and centered in our body, mind, heart, and soul.

Here are some ideas:

Boost Your Body

To support our immune system, we need to stay hydrated, and to boost it we can add turmeric, ginger, garlic and avocado to our food. We can take some extra sun or vitamin D, use vitamin C and zinc.

And to not suppress our immune system, it’s most important to avoid sugar! That means, avoid soda, cookies, cakes, ice cream, chocolate, chips, and so on, as those foods decrease immune function.

To keep our immune system strong, focus on sanitation: avoid crowds, keep a 2-meter distance to other people, wash your hands, and reconsider travel plans.

Manage Your Mind

Where focus goes, energy flows, so we need to take care of what we focus on. Now the corona disease is hurting many people, but the “disease of attitude” is not making things better.

Yes, the coronavirus is someting negative in our lives right now but that doesn’t mean we must adopt a negative mindset and focus on what else can go wrong.

The traditional and social media pass on a lot of “information” and nothing drives viewership like creating fear. But let’s focus on facts instead of fear.

Let’s not follow the herd, because if we’re going to spend time on browsing on social media to read stuff about the coronavirus, staying glued to the news all day, and talking back and forth with people about the virus, then we’re worrying, blaming, complaining, and even panicking, and stress is THE most determining factor that lowers immune function! ‍‍

Heal Your Heart

To reduce stress even more, we need to get enough sleep (8 hours) because if we are sleep deprived (less than 6 hours) that lowers immune function.

So the “good” in the “bad” is, that many people need to stay home, which means there’s this opportunity to get more sleep, to relax more, to chill more, and do other things that reduce stress. For example: hang out with your horse, train your horse, take a walk in nature with your dog, cuddle your cat, listen to relaxing music, take a nap in the afternoon, enjoy a hot shower or bath, connect with your kids, friends and family, and so on.

The less stress, the more our immune system stays strong. ‍‍

Soothe Your Soul

If we keep focusing on what we CAN do instead of blaming everything that is outside our circle of influence, we can do the best we can for our body, mind, heart, and soul, and for the ones around us.

So let’s step into our Sherlock Holmes mode and come up with creative solutions to make the best of this situation. For example:

  • We can put groceries in front of the door of our elderly neighbor and be a force for good.
  • We can call people who are in isolation and listen to them.
  • Now that we have more time because we need to stay at home, we can read that book about horse training that we already wanted to read for a long time.
  • We can take that course that we’ve been putting off, or study free online videos.
  • We can discover new things in our lab with our horse.
  • We can write about what we learned to inspire other people with a blog post, article, or eBook.
  • We can form study groups on Facebook to share educational stuff and discuss topics so we can learn from each other and contribute to each other’s growth.
  • We can create some new habits that are good for the soul but that we never make time for, for example, we can start with a breathing session in the morning, or some mediation for 10 minutes.
  • We can welcome a moment of isolation to ponder about our purpose in life, our destiny, how we can serve and give hope.
  • We can evaluate if we’re on the right track or that we need to change our approach, direction, or destination.

‍‍Stay Balanced ‍‍

Of course, the global pandemic is real and threatening, but there are many things we CAN do. We can take full advantage of everything that we CAN do as described above. We can be the best we can be in this situation to “fight” this challenging period with inner strength and wisdom and by taking full responsibility for our actions and attitude.

So let this be an opportunity to grow on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. ‍‍

Our balance in body, mind, heart, and soul is most important right now, so I

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