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Staying Home – How To Adjust

I’m at home today, and I know a lot of our students and instructors and their friends and families have to stay home.

The coronavirus changed everything!

It came out of the blue.

It changed our perspective on the world.

It changed our view on safety.

It turned our whole life upside down.

A month ago, we were going to work, doing clinics, joining lessons, we were going to birthday parties and weddings….

Today we’re at home….

Kids are at home.

For some people, their spouse cannot come home.

Some riders can’t visit their horse, because the boarding facility went on lockdown.

Or they cannot visit their loved ones.

So these are major shifts in life!

And we’re worried about our jobs.

And about family members we cannot visit.

We’re dealing with personal issues. We’re worried about health. We’re dealing with emotions.

And spiritual questions.

Plus, it’s all happening at once.

And then we turn on the tv or social media…. And there’s all this different information!

This causes even more feelings.

The whole situation feels uncomfortable.

Even unnatural.

And nobody can tell if this is going to be 30 days, or 60 days, or 4 months, or 5 months, or 9 months….

Nobody can tell when this is going to end…

And it can be hard living our lives with that big question mark out there.

And it’s not just you!

The pandemic has changed everything!

For almost everyone!

So we can take some comfort in that.

But we need to think through how we’re going to deal with it.

And what it means.

And even try to find a positive in it.

Of course, I totally agree, it’s a very negative circumstance.

But we’re going to have time on our hands.

Some of you are going to have more time with your family.

With your kids. We’re going to have time at home in this busy “hurry-up” world.

All of a sudden, we have a couple of weeks, maybe months, where we’re going to be at home.

So it’s a totally different situation!

And how do we use that?

How do we adjust?

We need to think that through…

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I hope it serves you!

Sending good energy your way, and talk soon!

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