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Licensed ST Instructors 2022

Whatever your needs are, our ST Instructors are here to help you out, to get you started with Straightness Training, and to help you progress further on your ST Journeys. Just contact one of our licensed ST Instructors.  

ST Academy Coaches & Mentor Instructors

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ST Instructors & ST Evaluators

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ST Instructors

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License Types

We work with License Types to protect the quality of services provided by ST Instructors.

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Becoming a Basic ST Instructor is possible for you!

Join the 3-day Instructor Confidence Bootcamp and discover how I help equestrians of all ages become a Straightness Training Instructor, no matter their level of experience.  I’ll hand over the proven success pathway needed to become an instructor, so you can do what you love, do what you’re good at, do what the world needs, and do what you get valued for.

What ST Instructors have to say:

Victor Gueiros Freire – Brazil:

Hanne Friberg – Denmark: