Maestro's Birthday Party

Check out Maestro's birthday party in our garden!

The fields are currently closed because we've reseeded them with grass.

That means the birthday party took place in the garden. All the animals had a great time.

The horses:🐴 Romanesque, 🐴Toronto, 🐴Prince Elmelund.

The dogs: 🐕 Wolfee, 🐶 Coddi, and 🐺 Ruby.

So it was a lovely afternoon with everyone together.

Maestro came into my life when he was 7.

He is now 30 years old! I've learned a lot from him.

And I'd like to pass these valuable lessons on to you, so you can benefit from them too!

So come to the live and free Masterclass:

🌐 The '30 Lessons From Maestro' Masterclass

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30 lessons from Maestro