Why Equine Friendships Matter

Did you know there's a simple way to help your horse live longer?


Yes, your horse definitely needs equine buddies!

This month, my horse Maestro celebrated his 30th birthday.

He's still full of life and energy!

A big part of that comes from the gymnastic benefits of Straightness Training.

His beloved horse and dog friends also play a crucial role:

Maestro came into my life when he was 7.

Now he's an incredible 30 years old!

One important lesson I've learned is the value of allowing him to have friends.

Friends can really help your horse live longer.

I've gathered so many other lessons from Maestro ver the years, and I'm eager to share them with you.

Perhaps they can help you and your horse too!

So come to the live and free Masterclass:

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30 lessons from Maestro