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Where To STart?

Straightness TrainingWelcome to the wonderful world of Straightness Training – also called ST!

My name is Marijke de Jong and I’ve designed this website with my great passion for horses and I’m very excited to have you here!

Straightness training helped lots of riders and horses all over the world and consists of well thought through gymnastic exercises that keep horses fit, supple and strong as a riding horse until an old age.

These training exercises will fit whether you’re a beginner or advanced and they will fit no matter what kind of horse you have, a Norwegian horse, a thoroughbred, a warm blood, it doesn’t matter.

Straightness training makes every kind of horse symmetrical in body and limbs so that it can carry a rider properly.

where-to-startBut where to start?

If you are new to Straightness Training, here is a step-by-step plan for getting started.

Let me walk you through an overview of Straightness Training and the opportunities I offer to get you started with ST and to support you to become the best horse trainer you can be!

1. Start with why

It’s more important WHY you do Straightness Training than WHAT you do and HOW you do it.

Therefore, let’s start with this why:

2. Watch the free videos

Straightness Training

To give you a quick and full impression of Straightness Training, check out the 4-minute video about Straightness Training.

This video gives you a quick overview of the Straightness Training components and their exercises to give you an idea what the Straightness Training journey is all about.

Click HERE for the free video >>

3. Read the free ST eBook

Straightness TrainingWhen you liked the video then I recommend you to download the free eBook with an introduction to Straightness Training.

The eBook is easy to read and it helps you to understand the importance of straightness in the horse and how to achieve it. The eBook contains clear, meaningful, logical and simple tips to straighten your horse.

The eBook gives you a quick overview of Straightness Training and for lots of riders the eBook has been very enlightening and helpful.

Click HERE for the free eBook >>

4. Join a free ST Facebook group

Straightness TrainingNow that you are familiar with the basic knowledge of Straightness Training you can decide you want to join the world wide ST Community.

We designed particular ST Facebook Groups for riders in a particular country who are interested in Straightness Training.

Riders of a particular group can post informative, interesting and funny ‘ST’ things to talk about with other members in their country! And you can invite all your friends! A big advantage is that you can talk about ST in your own language in a particular group. And it’s great to find out who lives near to you, so you will perhaps be able to find an ‘ST study buddy’. 

Join the straightness training facebook group in your own country >>

5. Read these free articles

There are some articles and topics on this website I recommend you to read to help you get started and to help you understand more about how Straightness Training works.

Suggested reading includes,

6. ST Mini Mastery

The next step is to join the free ST Mini Mastery course: get inspired by severval captivating horse training examples in the ST Mini Mastery Course!

This really is worth watching – not only useful insights and tips, but also seeing the learning stages that both a less experienced and more experienced horse had to go through to achieve the desired results.

All 4 video clips are accompanied by easy to understand theory and explanations, which makes it easy to follow and the processes even more clear!

Plus the downloadable manuals are very informative, useful and helpful!

So don’t miss out on it and join the course, it’s 100% free:

► Click HERE to Join ST Mini Mastery >>

7. ST Academy

If you would like to continue your ST journey you can enter the Straightness Training Academy.

The ST Academy aims to form a world wide professional group of loyal and dedicated horse trainers and instructors to the cause of improving health, joy and beauty in working with horses based on the principals of straightness training.


The ST Academy consists of the ST Mastery program,  the ST Evaluation program and the ST Instructor Program:

  • ST Mastery is the “Encyclopedia of Straightness Training” which consists of an extensive library and manuals and covers every little detail on every aspect of Straightness Training.
  • The structured ST Evaluation program is designed to evaluate and measure the level of skill of rider and horse. Through videos rider and horse can demonstrate their ability to perform the ST exercises that are outlined in ST Mastery.

Click HERE for more information about the ST Academy >>

8. ST Clinics & Practical lessons

During the year, you can book lessons with a certified ST Instructor or join a clinic, workshop or other event.


Certified ST instructors are teaching in Australia, Europe, the USA, the UK, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, and many other parts of the world.

Click HERE for the events of ST Instructors >>

Click HERE for the list of licensed ST Instructors >>

That’s about it for now, welcome again to the wonderful world of Straightness Training and good luck on your ST journey!

Marijke de Jong

5 thoughts on “Where To STart?

Comment author said

By Alison on 31 May 2014 at 11:02

How do you sing up for the mastery course this summer? I am currently in the home study course.


Comment author said

By Carol m yates on 31 July 2014 at 20:10

I would like to pay for the Monthly Newsletter, 7 pounds/month, but I do not see United States in your drop down box. Would it be possible to direct to the payment section that includes the United States. I do see Canada, but I thought I better not use that country for my payment since I live in Michigan, USA.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Carol Yates


Comment author said

By Gisele Paul on 18 August 2016 at 22:11

Hello, I ride Western, I have a quarter horse, 4 yr old mare, 18 months in training now. She is currently in training for western pleasure. Would I, and she, benefit from ST or is this primarily geared to English riding? Thank you.


Comment author said

By Kathryn Klein on 13 November 2017 at 07:24

I’m really enjoying your free videos and would like to learn more. But I live in Northern California, so Connecticut is too far away to attend a U.S. clinic. Do you have any plans to come to California? Would really, really like to see you in person. (And if you’re interested in Aikido, there are few better places to train than in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve been training with Frank Doran Shihan since 1998, but there are many other world-class instructors here, as well.)


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