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Where to STart?

Straightness TrainingWelcome to the wonderful world of Straightness Training – also called ST!

My name is Marijke de Jong and I’ve designed this website with my great passion for horses, and I’m very excited to have you here!

Straightness Training helped lots of riders and horses all over the world and consists of well thought through gymnastic exercises that keep horses fit, supple and strong as a riding horse until an old age.

These training exercises will fit whether you’re a beginner or advanced and they will fit no matter what kind of horse you have, a Norwegian horse, a thoroughbred, a warm blood, it doesn’t matter.

Straightness Training helps every kind of horse to develop symmetrically in body and limbs so that you horse can carry you as a rider properly.

where-to-startWhere to STart?

If you are new to Straightness Training, here is a step-by-step plan for getting STarted.

Let me walk you through an overview of Straightness Training and the opportunities I offer to get you started with ST:

1. Start With Why

It’s more important WHY you do Straightness Training than WHAT you do and HOW you do it.

Therefore, let’s start with this why:

2. Watch The Overview Video

Straightness Training

To give you a quick and full impression of Straightness Training, check out the 4-minute video about Straightness Training.

This video gives you a quick overview of the Straightness Training components and their exercises to give you an idea what the Straightness Training journey is all about.

Click HERE for the overview video »

3. Join the free eBook

Straightness TrainingWhen you liked the video then I recommend you to download the free eBook with an introduction to Straightness Training. It’s part of our free mini training.

The eBook is easy to read and it helps you to understand the importance of straightness in the horse and how to achieve it. The eBook contains clear, meaningful, logical and simple tips to straighten your horse.

The eBook gives you a quick overview of Straightness Training and for lots of riders the eBook has been very enlightening and helpful.

Click HERE for the free eBook »

4. Join the Members Facebook group

Now that you are familiar with the basic knowledge of Straightness Training you can decide you want to join the world wide ST Community.

We designed a particular ST Facebook Groups for riders who are interested in Straightness Training.

Members can post informative, interesting and funny ‘ST’ things to talk about with other members. And it’s great to find out who lives near to you, so you will perhaps be able to find an ‘ST study buddy’. 

Join the Straightness Training Facebook Group »

5. Read these FREE Articles

There are some articles and topics on this website I recommend you to read to help you get started and to help you understand more about how Straightness Training works.

Suggested reading includes,

6. Enjoy the FREE Training

The next step is to join the free mini training »

Learn more about the three steps on how to transform a difficult horse into a dream horse.

Register now for FREE to get 2 videos, a checklist, and an eBook on how to use Straightness Training, so you can achieve the harmony with your horse you’ve been dreaming of:

7. Discover the ST Academy

If you would like to continue your ST journey you can enter the Straightness Training Academy as a Scholar.


In the ST Academy, you’ll discover the clear concepts, tactics, and strategies that helped thousands of riders across the world to get confident and overcome struggles, plateaus, setbacks, and challenges with their horse.

Become the best version of yourself so you can actualize your horse’s full potential in the rest of this year!

Join us here » 

I’ve got a special page for you that explains everything you get, all the course materials and the group classes, and how it works: