Why Straightness Training?

By nature, our horse is not built to carry weight. Therefore, if we want to sit on and ride our horse, we need to prepare the horse to carry us properly and in a healthy way. This is done through a series of gymnastic exercise


Natural Asymmetry

By nature, every horse is asymmetrically developed in body and limbs:

  • Just like every human, every horse is left- or right handed, both in the front legs and the hind legs.
  • Also, our horse is bent to the left or right in its body, and
  • Our horse carries more weight on the front legs than on the hind legs.

The natural asymmetry causes an uneven distribution of the weight over the four legs.

When we do not recognize and correct this imbalance, it can lead to problems – from mild to severe, from being hard in the mouth to the development of naviculur disease and kissing spines.

Therefore, we need to develop our horse symmetrically in body and limbs. This is done through Straightness Training.

Straightness Training

Straightness Training consists of a series of gymnastic exercises in which our horse learns to stretch, relax, and contract the muscles. In the early stages, the weight is divided equally over all four legs and later on we shift the center of mass even more towards the hind legs.

This makes our horse supple, strong and muscular so he can carry us easily.

Well-thought-through gymnastic exercises keep our horse fit as a riding horse until old age.

For which horse is it suitable?

All horses and ponies, untrained, experienced or even with a problematic background can be schooled with the logical system of progressive  exercises we use in Straightness Training.

The goal of the gymnastic education within Straightness Training is to reach harmony with your horse. We train according to our horse’s possibilities and talents, both physically and mentally, towards a level that is comfortable for both horse and rider.

What are the benefits for you and your horse?

  • You will learn to train within a logical system of well thought-through gymnastic exercises, and you will develop yourself to become the personal fitness trainer of your horse.
  • You will be able to develop your horse from a horse with (riding) problems towards a soft, cooperative riding horse.
  • You will get more insight in how riding problems are created, and learn to fix and prevent these problems.
  • Because of the clear structured system, you will always have a good basic work to fall back on and to help you find the solutions to whatever riding problems you might encounter.
  • With Straightness Training basics as a sort of physiotherapy you can reduce and prevent back problems and strain injuries in your horse.
  • Then, you can take it another step forward: You can develop your horse’s talents and help your horse develop his full potential.
  • Your horse will develop physically and become more supple and easier to maneuver. Your horse will become stronger and reach more flexibility and strength in his hind legs which leads an increase of mobility and agility.
  • Your horse will develop mentally and emotionally: your horse will become more confident, self-assured and no longer spooky. Your horse will become loyal and affectionate towards you, and will show less resistance and stress.
  • Your horse will develop spiritually: he will be the best horse he can be, he will experience his inner calm and lead a meaningful and purposeful life.
  • Of course, also you as a rider rider will develop psysically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to become the best rider and trainer you can be!
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