Every horse is unique

We tend to think that faces of people and snouts of horses are symmetrical, but let’s have a look at the pictures below.

Do you see it?

They are not symmetrical!

In fact, they are sometimes very asymmetrical.

The right and left sides of horse’s snouts and nostrils can differ in size and shape.

It’s the same with our faces. It’s interesting how much the right and left sides of people’s faces can differ.

A perfectly symmetrical face doesn’t exist.

In fact: The perfect symmetrical horse or human hasn’t been born yet

Because not only are snouts and faces asymmetrical, but the whole body and limbs are also not symmetrical:

  • Just like every human, every horse is for example left- or right handed, both in the front legs and the hind legs;
  • Also, the horse is bent to the left or right in its body;
  • And it carries more weight on the front legs than on the hind legs;
  • This causes an uneven distribution of the weight over the four legs.

When we do not recognize and correct this natural asymmetry and this imbalance of the horse, this can lead to several physical and behavioral problems, such as we can see in this video:

Every horse is unique and needs tailor-made Straightness Training to prevent and avoid these problems.


Why Straightness Training?

Well, because the goal of Straightness Training is to develop the horse symmetrically in body and limbs so that he is able to carry the weight properly and to keep the horse fit, healthy and happy until an old age.

Do you want to explore this more?

Then let’s get on with it:

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