Join The ST Mastery Clinic on October 2,3,4!

For (future) ST Mastery Students & ST HSC Members only

Join this exclusive clinic in the UK with a unique group of ST Mastery students and (future) ST instructors who are part of the exciting new ST movement that is going around the world right now!

The goal of this clinic is to guide 8 riders to the second, third and fourth grade in ST Evaluation in all training components.

The clinic is also part of the international ST Instructor Program that will start in 2015.

You are welcome to join the ST Mastery clinic as a spectator/auditor!

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17 spectator spots left
"It was the most wonderful clinic, so much information and so many changes in all the horses and riders. There was so much positive and supportive energy within the whole group of riders and spectators. Great fun had by all. Looking forward to the next one. Onwards and Upwards!"
Roz Richmond

Be Inspired by 8 Rider & Horse Combinations!

The clinic will showcase a range of progression with 8 riders and horses who have worked with Marijke for varying lengths of time:

1. Rebecca Gilbert, ST Instructor Grade 3 (UK)

2. Elaine Coxon, ST Trainee Instructor (UK)

3. Roz Richmond, ST Trainee Instructor (UK)

4. Wendy Poore, ST Trainee Instructor (UK)

5. Judy Kelly (UK)

6. Jacquie Billington (UK)

7. Christy Morley (UK)

8. Zaneta Georgiades (South Africa)

During the clinics the following training components of Straightness Training are addressed with these riders during the clinic:

1. Groundwork

2. Longeing

3. Work in hand

4. Riding

5. Liberty

The Date

2, 3, 4 October (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Plane tickets and hotel

Plane tickets and hotel fees are at your own cost

The Times

Every day starts at 9:00. Friday/Saturday will end at 19:00 and Sunday will end at 15:00

The Location

The Holistic Equitation Centre
Grange Farm, Preston Capes
Daventry, Northants, NN11 3TQ, UK





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"Just made it back safely from the best equestrian clinic ever with the totally inspirational Marijke de Jong. Ever since starting the Staightness Training Mastery course at the end of last year I have been keen (OK – desperate) to be able to attend one of the clinics in the UK with my horse. I was very honoured to be able to participate with Rupert in the UK ST Mastery clinic. I can’t even begin to explain how special the whole experience was for me (and for lovely Rupert). Thank you sooo much Marijke for giving me the opportunity and for teaching me so much. Although I came to the clinic thinking I wanted to work on several specific things, circumstances meant we worked on other things and I think I got the lessons I REALLY needed and that will also help me with my other horse. I learned so much to help me be the best trainer I can be. Wonderful company and fellow participants. Feel so lucky that there will also be more clinics in the UK next year that I could attend."
Judy Kelly
"THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marijke for the most amazing 3 day clinic! As always you gave us your all! You dived in very deeply to all 5 pillars of ST, beautiful and breathtaking changes seen in horses and riders! Derek and Jo for being fantastic hosts at the holistic equitation centre, what a super venue it is and really look forward to returning! All the horses, riders and spectators, fantastic, positive and hugely supportive energy and vibes from everyone! Truly wonderful! Many utterly beautiful moments of exquisite connection being formed and found between horse and rider, where two became one and a timeless dance began! Thank you!"
Rebecca Gilbert
"Germany) Marijke, thanks a lot for such an amazing clinic and all your positive energy. It was really fantastic and I took home so many Inspiration, Motivation and many more tiny Little details about ST, that will make a huge difference. Thanks a lot for your trust in me and for sharing all this with us all …  It was again an inspiring and motivating weekend with lots of new and deeper insights to work on. It was fantastic. I just get more into the horsemanship / liberty things with Floh today … Lots to work on … Thanks a lot to Marijke for all your positive energy, all your knowledge. Thank you to Rebecca for the organization and being such an inspiring example, and again to Derek for lending the beautiful Magic to me … It was a pleasure to work with him and it was so amazing, how he opened up to me and improved in only three days … Really a great horse … And of course thanks to all of you for such an amazing atmosphere … Looking forward to more clinics like that …"
Carolin Moldenhauer


  • Here’s a list of local bed & breakfast possibilities:


  • The best (and nearest) airport choice is Birmingham International (BHX). It’s big enough to be good but small enough that you don’t have massive queues for everything. It’s about 45 minutes drive from the Centre.
  • If that’s not possible then London Luton (LTN) is about an hour away if the traffic is OK (but usually it isn’t!).
  • London Heathrow (LHR) is possible but it’s nearly two hours away and the traffic can be awful, especially if you want to catch a return flight on Sunday evening!

*Plane tickets and hotel fees are at your own cost.

Don’t miss out on:

3 days of total immersion to widen, deepen and broaden your ST knowledge!
As a rider you will be receiving private, face-to-face tuition with your own horse or a horse of the venue. We’ll put the theory of the Mastery program into practice and we’ll address the issues that you bring. After the clinic you’ll have the information and confidence you need to continue independently at home.
As a spectator will be inspired by the practical sessions where you see ST with 8 horse and rider combinations being coached through the process.
Seeing Marijke in person is a good way to add extra impetus to your learning and watching lessons allows you to see things develop right in front of your eyes.
You’ll see learning challenges become great opportunities that enable you to leave with a toolkit full of fun and ideas.
You can bring questions about your own horse and you’ll get your answered face to face.
You’ll go home with a lot of inspiration and more insight in how to supple and straighten your horse.
You’ll get the opportunity to connect, catch up and network with ST Mastery students from all over the world!
You’ll get the possibility to feel the powerful and sparkling energy of the engaging ST Mastery Community!
During the 3-day clinic coffee, tea and biscuits will be served during the days.
And every day we will serve a lunch (soup suitable for vegetarians + unlimited bread & butter followed by fruit and cake).*

*(But if you have a special diet, like gluten-free, please bring your own food, to be sure you are safe and you don’t have any risk to eat the wrong food, thank you.)

How People Experience the ST Mastery Clinics:

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"Many thanks Marijke, for a fantastic weekend, you are such an inspiration, thanks too to Derek and Jo for the wonderful venue, and lunches. Also to the riders for putting themselves out there so that we can all learn, and to everyone else for being there, I learned from many of you too"
Julie Parrott
"What a magical 3 days. This was my first ST clinic and I was alittle concerned going on my own but no need a wonderful warm friendly bunch of people. I have come alway with so much information which has enhanced what I have learnt from the Mastery course so far. I think the theme of the weekend for me was connection. Looking for to more clinics in 2015."
Gilly Prime
"A wonderful experience and really a privilege to witness other very personal journeys that are so very inspirational and resonated with me on so many levels. I am a newby to ST, having just been introduced to it by Kathleen Beesley but felt so welcome and inspired to follow this journey of discovery with my own horse. Wonderful stuff. Thank you xx"
Gaile Austin

This Is How To Enroll!

If you are an ST Mastery student or ST Home Study Course member and interested to join this ST Mastery Clinic*  you are welcome to register**!

ST Mastery / HSC students can also bring their students or relatives to the 3 day Mastery clinic in the UK as an ‘introducee’.

But please make sure you will teach them the ST basic theory and that they have read the free eBook about ST, because we will not dive into ST from scratch during the clinic, and they can’t ask very basic questions, because that will delay the clinic.

If you would like to join the clinic, please send an email with the Title ‘Registration ST Mastery Clinic UK” to [email protected] and include the following:

1. Your name:

2. Country:

3. Telephone number:

4. If you will pay by paypal (by clicking the buttons below) or with cash.

5. If you bring an introducee and if so: the name and the way your introducee will pay the ticket

* We cross check all registrants with our ST Mastery database. If you are not a member and register, we will deny your registration. Please do not register yourself for this clinic unless you are absolutely 100% sure and committed you will attend.

** Riders who are members of the ST Instructor program 2015 don’t need to register, but if you bring an introducee, please do.

Investment ST Mastery Students & Introducees *


€ 695,-
All horse places for the clinic are full.
Including theory and practical lessons, coffee/thee/biscuits, lunches and DIY livery (stable + individual or group turnout paddocks + bedding (RedBed, straw or cardboard) and ad-lib hay as required).

Spectators and Introducees

€/£ 195,-
7 spectator spots left
Including theory and practical lessons, coffee/thee/biscuits and lunches.

* Members of the ST Instructor Program 2015 don’t need to pay this investment, you already paid for the ST Instructor Program 2015 where rider/spectator spots are included.

How to pay:

- You can pay by Paypal clicking the ‘buy now’ buttons above.

- You can also pay by putting the exact cash in an envelop with your name on it and please give this closed envelop to Rebecca Gilbert on the day of arrival.

- Please note: You cannot pay with a cheque.


Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to meet inspirational riders and horses in real life, and to see things develop right in front of your eyes, and to leave with a toolkit full of fun, ideas and inspiration!

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"It was a lovely clinic, such a great group of people! I learned so much and Marijke de Jong was on top form again. Everyone is doing so well I and can’t wait to do some more training – and riding  . Except of course I’m stuck inside with a storm outside. This is Murpheys law. But it was all so perfect yesterday I don’t think we could have asked for better."
Wendy Poore
"(Germany) Yeah, thank you Marijke for my first, amazing and inspiring clinic with you. I learned so much with Lady, you and her were my best teachers to find the real feel and essence in ST:-) and thanks to the wonderful supporting group we were "
Miriam Sherman
"Truly amazing. A great honour to be taught by such a master, and to be surrounded by such positive people. The most wonderful energy embraced the whole occasion. So much learning – now to digest, and apply it in my home laboratory. Wonderful "
Elaine Coxon

I’m Looking Forward To It!