Total Immersion
Frequently asked questions concerning liberty are:
  • How do I become skilled in doing liberty training with my horse?
  • What do I need to do?
  • What is the most important thing?
Let's tell you the answer in a sec 😉... But first let's have a look how we learn: When we want to learn something new, we need an x amount of hours to learn that new skill. So let’s say you want to learn Portuguese. And that it takes 50 hours to learn the basics. Then you could do it like this: 1. You only spend each week 1 hour on Portuguese - since you also want to spend time on other things you want to learn. And after 1 year - with 2 weeks off for holidays - after 50 weeks, you spent 50 hours on learning Portuguese. Another approach is: 2. You focus 100% on learning Portuguese and decide to spend 5 hours a day – by learning, reading, listening, watching the language, consciously and unconsciously - for 10 days in a row. Now which approach do you think ends up with the best results? In general, the second approach works best for most people. That’s the approach of ➡️ Total Immersion ⬅️ So when you decide to become skilled in doing liberty just drop all the other training pillars of Straightness Training. Quit doing groundwork, longeing, work in hand and riding... For at least 10 days in a row... Or even better: 21 days... And ONLY dedicate your time on liberty training... So dive 100% into your ‘liberty laboratorium’... Now, after these days of total immersion in your ‘lib lab’, give both you and your horses horses a break. And when you return to it a few weeks later… It will be still in your nervous system and also in that of your horses! So you can immediately continue where we left off! So if you ask, what is the most important thing to learn something new? ➡️ Total Immersion ⬅️ When you want to learn something new… ➡️ Total Immersion ⬅️ When you want to master something... ➡️ Total Immersion ⬅️ That will lead to lasting change ✔️ 😉

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