The uneducated senior horse

If you have a senior horse that hasn’t done much work, it’s fine to reintroduce him back to exercise by introducing straightness training.

In the Netherlands we have a saying “Rest Rust”. A non-used bit gets rusty, so does a horse… As with people, exercise can increase the health and well-being of an aged horse.

If you would like to have your senior back on track, have your horse checked by a veterinarian first to determine his limits. If your vet gives the OK, keep your horse’s mind and body going with straightness training.

Straightness training will be perfect for the equine senior and the exercises can be very beneficial. The horse will feel better and loosening up after a couple of sessions. It stretches his muscles and strengthens his body.

And remember: 25 is the new 15, when it comes to seniors that do Straightness Training!

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