Beautiful Sunsets Need Cloudy Skies
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Beautiful Sunsets Need Cloudy Skies

The road to Mastery is not an easy road. And at some point, we'd like to ask for a lighter road, an easier job, a less difficult task, an effortless exercise, a better something. But then we have to remember that the key component to beautiful sunsets is: clouds! Only then the light will start reflecting in many charming ways. Now we'd like to avoid the clouds in our training sessions - and in our lives - and be sunshiney and feel happy all the time.  But a smooth sea never made a sailor, and a perfect horse never made a horseman. So we need the stormy weather, the hard times, the challenging moments, the difficult situations, and the clouds. Of course, if we went to bed every day having avoided, ignored, or stuffed all the challenging stuff, our sun would most likely still set nicely. It’s not as though our work would not matter. After all, a sunset is still beautiful, just like every training session, every life – no matter what – is beautiful. But if we embrace the clouds, the challenging times, the setbacks, the plateaus, the doubt, the mistakes, the fear, the failure, and so on, our work becomes a magical piece of art. So instead of adopting an avoidance strategy, just welcome the clouds and say: “Hi cloud, make my sunset more beautiful tonight.” Now Prince Elmelund throws me a new cloud every day. He inspires me to step into my Sherlock Holmes mode to investigate what is going on in his long body. He stimulates me to figure out how to help him find balance in everything we do. It is amazingly challenging but I love every minute!

Create Your Own Beautiful Sunset

Maybe your horse throws you a new challenge every day as well. And maybe you're not always sure how to deal with those clouds. Then Straightness Training can help you with that. No matter what physical challenges, mental troubles, emotional struggles, or spiritual questions you face, Straightness Training can help you find balance in body, mind, heart, and soul, for both you and your horse, so your relationship can turn into a beautiful sunset.

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