Fab Four at Liberty
juggler4ballsDoing liberty with four horses for the first time really made me feel like a beginner juggler, trying to keep all four balls in the air at the same time; Because either I lost them all, or I lost three of them, or two, but finally I could keep them all in the air, phew ;) . In this juggling challenge I merged two solid duos:
  • Duo 1: Romanesque & Prince Elmelund
  • Duo 2: Maestro & Toronto
The members of each duo can get along really well and know the concept when they work together as a team at liberty. And all four horses are living together 24/7, so I thought it would not be such a big deal to merge these two duos to one team of four. Well, it was not that simple to keep all minds, all energies, all bodies aligned; I lost quite some balls along the way, and had to figure out a way to pick them up again. Fortunately most of the time they came back by themselves, they just had to figure out how to deal with each other's energy bubbles so close to each other. So in the end we managed to end up with a few good cooperative steps ;) . Promising team, these Fab Four ;) and fascinating process!