Liberty With Five Horses
In this video you’ll meet my five horses (from left to right):
  • Romanesque - Born 1998 - Dutch warmblood
  • Prince Elmelund - 2005 - Frederiksborger
  • Maestro - 1994 - Dutch Warmblood
  • Toronto - 2000 - Dutch Warmblood
  • El Blanco - 2001 - PRE (Andalusier)
They all live together 24/7 in the pasture, so last year I thought it would be not such a big deal to start doing liberty together… Wrong ... I often felt like a beginner juggler, trying to keep all five balls in the air at the same time. And oftentimes I lost them all, or I lost three of them, or two, or one… But finally I could keep them all 'in the air’. And by doing liberty together you really get to know eachother even better. Now what does liberty with multiple horses have to do with Straightness Training? Training a horse is not only about developing a horse physically. It’s also a mental thing and when you train more horses at the same time, you need to find ways to get their minds aligned to a task. It’s also an energetic happening, because some horses have a more impressive energy bubble and then other horses don’t dare to come close to that bubble. So you also need to canalize these energy bubbles and get them connected just as soap bubbles, sticking together, so the horses stick together. The group dynamics and energy bubbles so close to eachother are really fascinating to study. It’s also a spiritual journey, because it's a process of continually asking questions and figuring out, it’s about discovering, it’s a trip which causes us to learn, grow, change, and evolve as a horse trainer. And that’s what Straightness Training is about, it’s about mastery of oneself, so we can serve our horses best. So happy Straightness Training in your ‘lib lab’ ⚗️ and enjoy the process!

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