Observe First, Produce Later
This is a video of the very first training session with Romanesque and Prince Elmelund in the new riding arena. Now about this 'training', it was not really about 'teaching' or 'optimizing' quality, but an 'observational' training, to observe their body, mind, heart and soul and their opinion about the new working environment.

Observe First, Produce Later

In Straightness Training we use the philosophy 'Observe First, Produce Later'. So at first, I let the horses 'observe' their new working environment by just walking around the fence, both to the left and right. And when I sensed that they felt comfortable and at ease, I started to check their bodies: I checked the LFS, and if I could reach the inside hind leg, and the outside hind leg. And I asked for a bit of trot and canter to observe their gaits and movements. While doing this, I spiraled a sort of through the arena, so that they could observe the whole outdoor. And I didn't put much contact on the line, to be able to check their curling around me from 'the inside out' (observing), and not making them turn from the 'outside in' (producing). So the first training gave me a good impression of their balance in body, mind, heart, and soul.a And from here we can take it a step further in the upcoming sessions, by following the logical order of progressive exercises.

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