Ivana Kovarikova & Spotty Doc Chex passed Grade 1
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Ivana Kovarikova & Spotty Doc Chex passed Grade 1

ST Mastery student Ivana Kovarikova from the Czech Republic passed Riding 1 with her gelding Spotty Doc Chex and with that Touchstone she passed all 5 Touchstones in Grade 1! 


 Ivana has some warm words to say about the Mastery and Evaluation Program, and how it has helped her on her wonderful ST journey: 

"I am a nice example of a person who sees a half-full glass as half-empty. My horse is a nice example of a grass-eating head. Together we were destined to take ST journey. I bought Spotty for trail riding when he was 4,5 years old in November 2014. After two years I felt neither me or the horse was happy. Spotty was spooky, not able to trot or canter straight in the countryside. We ended at the arena where his asymmetry caused even bigger frustration of both of us. 

My ST journey started in October 2016 with Home Study Course. Then I upgraded to full Mastery Program in January 2017. Following the email coaching steps, I sent my first evaluation request in March to find out I need these ''lessons on paper" every month to be sure of doing the right steps. My first resubmit in July was accompanied by feelings of failure. Facebook, with such positive approach of the community, and more studies about levels of consciousness helped me to overcome this first big obstacle. Liberty and Riding have further proved to be a huge chunk to swallow with many resubmits needed. Each lesson kicked me forward to find out what was missing. 

I love the immense scope of the Mastery program. ST has brought me to many disclosures. Finally, I have grasped the truth that I have to change from inside out to change the outcomes. The more I think about it the more I know all is what lies in my head. The more I try to be calm, grounded, patient and giving, the more my horse thrives. It can be a challenging process indeed, but, after one year of ST experience, I know for sure it is the right direction. 

Thank you, ST, for helping me so much with my horse training and for making my days bright!"
Ivana Kovarikova, Czech Republic

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