Simone Reindl & Malinn passed Grade 1

Simone Reindl & Malinn passed Grade 1

 ST Mastery student Simone Reindl from Gondelsheim, Germany passed Liberty 1 with her mare Malinn and with that Touchstone she passed all 5 Touchstones in Grade 1!


 Simone has some enthusiastic words to say about the Mastery and Evaluation Program, and how it has helped her on her wonderful ST journey:

"The Mastery Program helped me to become a focussed trainer of my pony, knowing how to read and change (!) the behavior of it, to understand the biomechanics and the WHY beyond the exercises. It`s an amazing collection of insights, frameworks and philosophy, and it shows the way to (self-)mastery. So it is a great help to become a better horse trainer, but also become a better wife and mum. The Mastery Program is a wonderful instrument to create growth, connection on a high level of quality and collection of unique moments with the partner horse. I do now understand, how and why horses (or people) react the way they do and that way I can react with much more patience. Since the day I started the Mastery Program, every single moment with my pony had a clear purpose and with that focus, it was much more fun, and I achieved a quality of harmony, I only dreamed of before.

About the Evaluation Program: In Straightness Training you reach for a high quality of training. Without the filming, I would have missed some details easily. As a beginner, you don`t see the bigger picture yet and the evaluators help you to set you up for success in the further path. It`s a great opportunity to really focus on the details and essences of every exercise. ST shows a way to personal mastery, but training just on your own may lead to pitfalls or minor quality.

Therefore, it is really helpfull to get feedback on a regular basis. It has been a tailormade advice for me an my pony under my personal circumstances that served me to develop my trainer skills even further. The filming helps to dig deep into the theory, to really understand, and then to do the exercises until you reach a certain quality. There are so many frameworks and insights in the Mastery Program and the philosophy is life-changing. The amount of it can be a bit overwhelming or challenging in the beginning, so it is very helpful to be guided through it.

The Email Coaching guides you through every module, so you don`t miss something. It is very helpfull, that the Mastery Program begins with a "theoretical" part, because than you set up your personal path for success, knowing the end-goal in mind and expecting some minor setbacks or plateaus. The emails let you know, what to do first and what to do next, so this helps a lot to start in a logical order. I loved to open my inbox expecting an email from Marijke!

In the Mastermind Sessions, it was great to connect with students all over the world! I felt being part of the world-wide community of horse-lovers, who want to make a change in their and their horse lives. Marijke answered my questions and this was a great help for my training. It `s very interessting, to hear Marijke's answers to other peoples challenges, too. I love the positive atmosphere in the sessions! The Mastermind Sessions motivated me to dive into ST even further and gave me a lot of positive energy."
Simone Reindl from Gondelsheim, Germany

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