Kissing spines

Horses who move with a short topline and who carry the head and neck in a high position while carrying a rider, might develop the kissing spine syndrome.

A short topline can cause many back problems, from tension in the back, to a stiff back, all the way up to ‘kissing spines’.

Because of the short topline, the spines can start to ‘kiss’ each other.

Cause & Symptoms

Kissing spines can lead to severe symptoms:

  • Pain
  • Nervousness
  • Spookiness
  • Aggression
  • Bolting
  • Bucking
  • Rearing
  • Nipping
  • Biting

When all possible causes of kissing spines are considered and specialists such as veterinarians do not offer a solution, natural asymmetry might be considered as the cause of the problems of your horse.

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Don’t fight the symptoms

Kissing spine is often an effect of the natural asymmetry and improper training and riding. Because of improper riding and training the horse will remain out of balance, therefore the back will stiffen and this might lead to kissing spine.

Then giving the horse a pause from work, painkillers, anti-inflammatory medication, injections of corticosteroids, and surgery are remedies to fight the symptoms, but they are not conclusive and often not appropriate remedies.

That’s because they do not address the cause, only the symptoms. So take care not to fight the symptoms, address the cause: the natural asymmetry and the improper way of training and riding.

Straightness Training can help!

The imbalance of the topline is a main ingredient when it comes to the developing of kissing spines, so the solution is to lengthen the topline:

……………….  Short topline ……………………………..  Lengthened top line

Straightness Training (ST) is the best way to prevent your horse from getting it in the first place and it helps to avoid that this condition gets worse and it might be your only hope if the vets have given up on your horse.

If the cause is natural asymmetry, it’s very important to address this and to start working with the six keys of Straightness Training. ST will help you to lengthen your horse’s topline and to work your horse with a relaxed and stretched back.

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