The asymmetry of the rider

A rider cannot sit straight on a crooked horse, but a crooked rider can make the asymmetry of the horse worse.

Which came first; the chicken or the egg?

It doesn’t matter if the chicken came first or the egg; we will need them both!

Besides straightness training for the horse, a rider will also need to work on the asymmetry of the rider.

Think about this: can you write your own signature equally fast, fluently, easily and beautifully with your left hand as you can with your right? Or control the mouse of your computer with both hands?

You will notice a difference in strength and coordination between both hands.

You will also have a preference to walk along the left or along the right side of a cliff, and to walk slightly to the left or to the right. You can see this with people that get lost in a desert for example, they tend to walk in circles to the left or to the right because humans also have a ‘circle-instinct’.

The solution for you is to do some straightness training yourself: gymnastic exercises!

Do some Straightness Training yourself

Pilates and Yoga work very well for developing a more symmetrical body and improving coordination.

Also Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais and other therapies and gymnastics can help to develop the body.

Martial Arts like Tai Chi, Chi Kung, or Aikido are a very good combination with riding as well.

We want our horse to be relaxed, supple, muscular and athletic and to have good coordination, balance and rhythm. Since this is only possible when horse and rider move together as one, and since the horse mirrors the rider, it is obvious that the rider should strive for the same qualities that he/she wants in his/her horse.


I’m a big fan of pilates and I do that myself three times a week at least. It’s very beneficial for improving your core, ‘powerhouse’ and coordination!

You don’t need any fancy stuff, you can do it from home, you only need to schedule some time to do it.

Years ago, I bought the Winsor Pilates Dvd set, very good stuff!

Just search on YouTube of some “how to” videos.

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