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Experts are always students first

One of the frequently asked questions of advanced rider is:

  • What if I am already an ADVANCED ST student, do I have to start from the beginning?

Straightness Training has a wide range of students:

  • there are riders who have lots of problems with their horse
  • all the way up to riders and instructors with highly trained horses.

And by developing our Straightness Training (online) programs, we have spent a lot of time working on these programs so that it works for all of you, whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider.

The mission of Straightness training is to develop outstanding straightness trainers, inspiring instructors, and real artists in training horses in our ST Academy.

Now the ST philosophy for experts is the following:

  1. Experts are always students first
  2. Repetition is the mother of all skill
  3. Chase one rabbit at the time

1. Experts are always students first

In the beginners mind there are many possibilities, but in the experts there are few.

– Zen Master Shunryo Suzuki


Shoshin (初心) is a concept in Zen Buddhism meaning “beginner’s mind“. It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner in that subject would.

Here’s a nice Zen story to illustrate this concept:

“A professor once visited a Japanese master to inquire about Zen.

The master served tea, while the professor was sharing all his insights.

When the visitor’s cup was full, the master kept pouring.

Tea spilled out of the cup and over the table.

“The cup is full!” said the professor. “No more will go in!”

“Like this cup,” said the master, “You are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?””

2. Repetition is the mother of all skill

Straightness Training Mastery

So to show you what ST is all about, it is good practice to start at the beginning in Straightness Training with every rider and every horse; no matter how advanced.

Because it’s good to know the whole journey, and I believe that repetition is the mother of all skill… 

… and here comes the interesting part: even though you are starting at the beginning, you are not repeating what you already know!

You are widening, deepening and broadening your knowledge, understanding and experience in ST.

And this is definitely very important if you want to become an ST instructor!


3. Chase one rabbit at a time

As an advanced rider you can approach ST in two ways:

  • Seeing ST as something to ‘master’ in full detail to the highest, widest, broadest, deepest level.

Both paths can be followed, but if you go for the second path, you need to chase one rabbit at a time.

Click HERE to discover how to Chase One Rabbit At A Time >>


4. Get ready for some widening, deepening and broadening

If you want to become am expert and master horse trainer, then don’t miss out on the 4 part Mini Mastery Course to widen, deepen and broaden your knowledge, understanding and experience!

This is what you’ll discover:

  • How to avoid the training pitfalls that I’ve fallen into, and almost every rider falls into, and which make training your horse ten times harder!
  • How to teach your horse a new exercise in a horse-friendly and stress-free way.
  • How to eliminate unnecessary stress, frustration, and disappointment, and fast-track your progression!
  • Six simple keys to make horse training and riding easy, no matter what discipline you’re in, and no matter what breed or age!

This mini course really is worth watching – not only useful insights and tips, but also seeing the learning stages that both a less experienced and more experienced horse had to go through to achieve the desired results.

All 4 video clips are accompanied by easy to understand theory and explanations, which makes it easy to follow and the processes even more clear!

Plus,  the downloadable manuals are very informative, useful and helpful!

So don’t miss out on it and join the course, it’s 100% free:

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