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The Lab Cycle

If we are busy working in our ST laboratory‍, we will be going through a cycle of:

  1. Think first
  2. Act later
  3. Check the results
  4. Change your approach

With this cycle, you can develop your skills and work, implement 2mm changes, and strive for Constant And Never-ending Improvement (CANI).

This is how it works:

1. Think first

ST is about think first, act later.

Because without the theory, the practice will always be uncertain.

So it’s important to decide what we want, and to make a plan.

Then the next step is to…

2. Take action

The idea of something, and the experience of something are two very different things.

When taking action, it’s like taking a shower.

We have the idea about the perfect temperature.

But the experience is, that first, the water is a bit too hot, then, too cold.

So we have to adjust, to get the best temperature.

So taking action is about experimenting.

It’s about doing some trial and error.

It’s about figuring out in practice how a tool or a concept works.

So when taking action, we have to…

3. Check the results

We have to check the temperature.

We have to check the outcome.

We have to identify what we’ve learned.

So we need to trigger the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in us by realizing:

“Aha, interesting, when I do this, that happens, when I do that, this happens.”

This way, we notice what’s working and what is not working.

Then keep what’s working, but if not….

4. Change your approach

If it doesn’t work out the way you expected:

  • Don’t blame the horse, his age, his breed, his confirmation, his health.
  • Don’t blame the circumstances, the amount of time, your work.
  • Don’t blame the tool, the concept, the method, the instructor.
  • Don’t think “O no, it’s not working…” or “Things go horribly”.

Instead, simply change your approach.

Because if you start blaming, instead of finding a way,  you’ll find an excuse.

And you’ll make up a story why you cannot have what you want.

Therefore, stay in your figuring out state, and just think

“Hmmm, something to think about…”

And once you figured it out, change your approach with 2mm!

Just change your approach in order to get what you want.


Stop blaming!

Stop looking for an excuse!

Stop making up a story why you cannot have it!

Just try something else!

Everything is figureoutable!

Start searching for an effective execution!

Just change your approach!


5. Repeat

Repeat the cycle, until you achieved what you want!

So you think, act, check, and change your approach!

To get what you want.

Until then…

You change your approach!

If it’s not what you want…

You change your approach!

If it’s still not what you want…

You change your approach!

When you keep changing your approach…

You’ll find a way!

So if you try something and it doesn’t work, what are you going to do?

Try something else!

And if that doesn’t work, what are you going to do?

Try something else!

What if that doesn’t work?

Change your approach!

How many times are you going to change?

Until you find the way and get what you want!

How long do you give an average child the time to learn to walk, until you say:

“Just stop, you’re not a walker!” ?

Well, if you’re the mum, you’ll say:

“Are you crazy? My kid is going to KEEP TRYING until she walks! “….


Keep changing your approach.

Until you get what you want.

Start the Lab Cycle today!

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  • Next, you will see the learning stages that both a less experienced and more experienced horse had to go through to achieve the desired results.
  • Plus, you’ll learn how to change your approach to eliminate unnecessary stress, frustration, and disappointment, and fast-track your progression!

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