Don't Wait For The Perfect Conditions
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Don't Wait For The Perfect Conditions

Don't wait for the perfect conditions to get STarted. Here's an example: 🇿🇦 ST Instructor Zaneta Georgiades lives in a rural and remote area with her herd of horses... 🔥 And she often has to deal with very high temperatures ... ☀️ Plus she faces the burning South African sun on a daily basis... But these challenging circumstances didn't witheld Zaneta from making huge progress! Now Zaneta started with Straightness Training a few years ago. And in this video you can hear more about her struggles, plateaus, breakthroughs and growth 📈. Plus she tells you about her experiences with her horses on her fascinating ST journey.

Now Why Has Zaneta Been So Succesful?

The answer is this: If It's Important... You'll Find A Way! If it's not... You'll find an excuse! Such as
❌ It's too hot
❌ It's too cold
❌ I have no time
❌ I am too busy
❌ I have too much on my mind
❌ I'm too old
❌ I'm too much of a beginner

But hey, you are way to smart to be the only thing standing in your way 😉

It's Simple:

You can ONLY get what you want... When you STOP making excuses on why you CANNOT have it. Most of the time, the only thing that stands between you and your dream is: Your own STORY why you CANNOT have it. So the first thing to break this pattern is, to adopt the belief that it is actually possible:

✅ Quit the story why you CANNOT have it
✅ Stop being the only thing standing in your way
✅ Dare to dream BIG
✅ Have a positive mindset about it
✅ Make no excuses
✅ Take action
✅ Get started NOW
✅ Take care not to wait until everything is just right. 

Because I guerantee you.... It will ❗️NEVER ❗️be perfect! There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions!

Do Not Wait For The Perfect Conditions

So just find a way to breakthrough, just as Zaneta did. And the brand new ST Mastery Entry Course will help you with that! So if you'd like to travel the same path, follow this link >>