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Horses Don’t Want To Be A Happy Flat-liner

Horses love to be in the “comfort zone”, but too much comfort feels uncomfortable after a while.

It’s the same with us humans:

  • We’d love to do things.
  • To take action.

But after a while…

  • We’d like to relax from that activity.
  • And put one’s feet up.

But after a while…

  • We start to feel a sort of restless again.
  • So we start to take action again.

It’s a natural cycle.

And it’s the same with horses:

  • Now in the wild, Mother Nature will take care of it, and the “stretch” zone arises automatically.
  • But in the domesticated world, our horse spends his time in comfortable, but more unnatural conditions. But as contradictory as it may sound: too much “comfort zone” may lead to discomfort because:

It’s against Mother Nature to be comfortable all the time:

Where everything is known, stable, easy, safe, risk-free, and in a way a sort of bored and lifeless.

So how to keep the balance?

In my brand new article you can read all about it >>

It covers:

  • the comfort zone
  • the stretch zone
  • the stress zone
  • happy flat-liners
  • the “gym” face
  • variety is the spice of life
  • how to provide physical challenge
  • how to arrange mental stimulation
  • and more!

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