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How to Deal with a Setback

how-to-deal-with-a-setbackSometimes the training of your horse doesn’t turn out as you’ve expected.

Your plan doesn’t equal reality.

Then it is easy just to quit, give up and ignore the hard work you have put into your horses’ schooling.

But you could think of a ‘setback’ like this:

You can compare straightness training with a pyramid.

Some riders go like a rocket in the beginning, and the rough contours of all exercises are quickly visible, but then the bottom of the pyramid is not wide.

Then when something goes ‘wrong’ in the more advanced exercises, we often need to fully return to the base.

You have to go back (or otherwise something makes you fall down) because there is something down there that you are supposed to find and to add to your skills and experience.

The base must first be made wider and then you can rebuild the exercises with more quality.

In time the pyramid gets wider and wider at the bottom,  it will always have a solid foundation on which you can rely! You can always fall back on this solid foundation.

So don’t worry if you experience a lack of progress, enjoy your “plateau”, embrace your “set back” and see it as an opportunity to refind what you’ve lost or to widen, broaden and deepen your fundamentals.

And if you fall down…. be curious! Replace fear with curiosity and seek what the old masters sought, seek for more details, a deeper essence, search for the lesson!

And remember: The real refinement of the exercises takes a lot of time, patience, feeling, persistence and dedication….. and actually…. it will take a lifetime!

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2 thoughts on “How to Deal with a Setback

Comment author said

By Cathy on 24 August 2015 at 01:27

I just came home from a very disappointing day of working with my horse. Some of the comments in this article sound like they are reading my mind! So wonderful to have my gloomy thoughts replaced with positive, constructive, hopeful thoughts! I can’t wait to go try again tomorrow!


Comment author said

By christine miller on 6 August 2017 at 17:29

I’ve studied ‘Natural Horsemanship’ for many years and my foundation was always getting wider. However, there is a difference in ST and it’s the LFS. It’s the linchpin of everything. I suppose it’s rather like the softness I sought in NH but the LFS helps us to shape ourselves and the horse together. I recently failed 2 evaluations and I wasn’t happy, especially the liberty evaluation.
I know now, I was treating it like a ‘stick to me’, which in some ways I thought was the requirement and that for me is easy. I didn’t realize that I needed to shape my horse and invite her to ‘stick to me’ but with more grace.
I’m digging deeper and believe me I desperately wanted to walk away.


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