Momentum Is Key
A key factor to get results in the long run, is to create momentum in the short term. Whatever skill we want to master, we need to get started, but we also need to keep going. So momentum is key! Therefore, it's a good idea to schedule Straightness Training (ST) for at least two or three days a week in the beginning. And that leads us to the first tip to create momentum:

Tip #1: Form A Tiny Habit

At this stage, we should not focus on results as we’re simply creating momentum and forming the habit of doing ST with our horse. And on those training days, we just do 3 exercises for 3 minutes – for example, the two standstill exercises forward-down and stelling & bending and the circle. Because doing ST for 30 minutes can be too challenging for now, and we might tend to quit when we do long training sessions. Now, will our horse get a good workout with only 3 exercises? No! But right now, we’re not trying to give our horse a good workout to get flexible, strong, and in shape. Eventually, yes, those results will come. But for now, we’re only doing one thing: Creating momentum by forming the habit of doing ST two or three days a week. Now in general, when creating a new habit – doing ST, learning a new language, practicing yoga, meditation, eating healthy, studying a new topic, whatever - make the habit as tiny as possible. So whatever you think you should do: cut it in half. Then, if possible, cut it in half again. Maybe once more if your time to do it is longer than 3 minutes. This will set you up for success in a small way, and allow momentum to carry you forward.

Tip #2: Change Your Focus

Now I lost momentum for 10 months (!) since we moved to Portugal last year... And what's your 'favorite' excuse for not doing ST?
  • Too busy?
  • Too many other things going on?
  • You miss a day or two and get discouraged?
  • You're not sure you're doing it right?
  • Boredom?
  • You talk yourself out of it?
  • Setbacks?
I know, STarting Straightness Training is the easy bit. But STicking with it can be much harder.
But there’s one factor that can help make all the difference. That’s changing your focus from:
  • “What do I have to do” - study materials, practice 3 times a week, doing 10 exercises, 5 pillars
  • “What’s my outcome” - becoming the best horse trainer I can be, and having a healthy, fit, and happy horse that is a pleasure to ride.
So start doing ST with your end goal in mind!
And if you'd like to get some help to create momentum:

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