Protect your two-headed herd

 Whenever you are doing Straightness Training, always introduce your horse to his environment before you introduce him to the exercises, especially in clinics in a foreign environment.

In the beginning, put yourself between the risk (audience) and the horse, so your horse has the feeling that you - as a true leader - protect yourtwo-headed herd. Remember: Leaders always keep an eye on the environment, followers keep an eye on the leader.

 Also realise that a horse views the world differently because of the way his eyes are put on his head. So present the audience to both his eyes, so walk from left to right and from right to left, with you in between the horse and the audience.

Once he starts to feel safe, he will be curious instead of fearful. To keep things safe you need to stay in charge while he's in a curious state, but give him some time to digest what's happening around him.

Once your horse has figured it all out and has settled, you can get to work and start training.

In whatever situation you come, always protect your two-headed herd, and always be a leader who provides safety and clear guidance.

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